GandCrab4 Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what GandCrab4 Ransomware is?

GandCrab4 Ransomware is the newest version of GandCrab Ransomware that was actively distributed not long ago. This threat has not become milder, so be ready for problems if you ever encounter it. This malicious application targets unprotected computers, and once it slithers onto them, it immediately encrypts personal files it finds. Since ransomware infections want only users’ money, they target files users value the most, for example, documents, images, text files, slides, and music. All these files are locked with the Salsa20 encryption algorithm, so it is surely not that easy to unlock them. In fact, we cannot promise that you will find a way how to decrypt them without the special decryptor that can be purchased from cyber criminals. Paying money to the author of this malicious application is not a solution to the problem too because it is very likely that you will not find a single file decrypted on your computer after you send a ransom. Do not let GandCrab4 Ransomware encrypt more files on your computer – delete it today.

GandCrab4 Ransomware does not try to stay unnoticed on victims’ computers. Once it gets onto the computer, it mercilessly encrypts files it finds. These are various documents, images, videos, music, and other files. All encrypted files are marked by appending the .KRAB filename extension to them, so you will find out immediately which of your files have been touched by ransomware. Yes, other ransomware infections encrypt files too, but there is no doubt that GandCrab4 Ransomware is the one responsible for locking data on your computer if you see .KRAB appended (other ransomware infections will append different extensions) to your files and, on top of that, you can locate a text document KRAB-DECRYPT.txt dropped to all affected locations. The opening sentence of the ransom note explains what has happened to files: “All your files, documents, photos, databases and other important files are encrypted and have the extension: .KRAB.” Also, the file includes instructions on how to unlock encrypted data. First, users have to download and install the Tor browser, then open the provided .onion link, and, finally, follow instructions found on the page. In other words, users have to pay a ransom to get their files back. Originally, cyber criminals demand 800 USD in Bitcoin; however, if the timer reaches zero, the ransom is doubled. To prove that they are capable of encrypting data, cyber criminals are ready to unlock one file for free. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees that you will get other files decrypted, so think twice before you send money to the author of GandCrab4 Ransomware.GandCrab4 Ransomware Removal GuideGandCrab4 Ransomware screenshot
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Specialists say that GandCrab4 Ransomware might be sent to some users as an email attachment, but it seems that users usually download it themselves from websites pirated software can be downloaded from. Of course, they do not know that they will end up with malware on their computers. Instead, they expect that they could use licensed software for free. You should be extremely cautious with all new applications you download from the Internet because they might be harmful even if they look harmless. Additionally, since it is not that easy to recognize malware pretending to be reliable software, security specialists highly recommend installing a security application to ensure the system’s protection against malicious software.

“How do I delete GandCrab4 Ransomware?”, you may ask. Well, it has turned out that it is not that difficult to get rid of it because the ransomware infection does not encrypt system utilities, does not drop additional files, and does not copy itself to another folder. To remove it fully, you just need to delete the ransom note dropped and the malicious file you have recently launched. If you cannot find it anywhere, it would be best that you scan your system with an antimalware scanner.

Delete GandCrab4 Ransomware

  1. Locate the malicious file you have launched.
  2. Delete it.
  3. Remove KRAB-DECRYPT.txt from all affected folders.
  4. Empty Recycle Bin.

In non-techie terms:

GandCrab4 Ransomware is the one that has locked files on your computer if they all have the .KRAB extension appended. The ransomware infection locks users’ files seeking to extract money from them, but you should not be one of those users who make a payment. There are two reasons why we cannot allow you to send money to crooks: 1) they might not unlock a single file for you but they will surely take your money and 2) you will give them a push to release more harmful infections.