GamingSearch Removal Guide

Do you know what GamingSearch is?

GamingSearch is the kind of extension that users cannot reap any benefits from. At the time of research, only Google Chrome users could download this extension, and it did nothing more than change the default search provider to Users are made to believe that this search tool can make the searches more optimized, but that should not be the selling point because the way in which the searches are optimized is very questionable. Also, you are unlikely to find the service beneficial. On top of all that, the search service is not game-specific, as the name might suggest, and so there really is no benefit to installing the extension. This is one of the reasons it is identified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and why we recommend removing it. Do you want to learn how to delete GamingSearch? If you do, this article is for you.

As it turns out, GamingSearch has many many clones. A few of them include ConvertItSearch, AnyStationSearch, HDMusicStreamSearch, and PDFConverterSearchHQ. Judging by the names, it might seem that these extensions offer unique services, but these are just names, and the functionality of all of these PUPs is the same. In most cases, these extensions are represented via the Chrome Web Store, and the installer of GamingSearch can be found at These PUPs are also likely to be distributed with the help of bundled downloaders and unreliable adware servers that could display pop-ups with the link to the PUP’s installer at is a search engine-type of website that seems to display a search tool and a few free widgets; however, when we analyzed the PUP, it did not introduce it. Of course, even if the seemingly useful website is presented, you should remove the extension. Why is that so? The services it presents are not trustworthy.GamingSearch Removal GuideGamingSearch screenshot
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You might have discovered yourself that GamingSearch redirects to Yahoo Search when you type search keywords into the address bar of the browser. Where’s the problem with that? First of all, if you want to use Yahoo Search, you do NOT need an extension. Second, you should never trust tools that promise to optimize search results of this search engine. It is most likely that these tools exploit it to show ads and promote third-party content. That is the case with GamingSearch as well, and so if you search the web using its search tool, you are likely to interact with third-party ads. To ensure that the additional content is relevant and attractive, the PUP tracks your browsing activity, and third parties might employ data tracking tools of their own. Unfortunately, even your personally identifiable information could be at risk. Due to this, we recommend that you wait no more to remove this potentially unwanted program.

We have no doubt that handling the removal of GamingSearch is within everyone’s expertise. That is because it is a normal extension. It is just that it does not work very well, and it can affect how you browse the web in a negative way. If you want to delete GamingSearch manually, follow the guide below. This option is not ideal if other unreliable pieces of software exist on your operating system. In that case, utilizing anti-malware software is recommended. We also recommend this software for those who want to keep their systems protected in the future. Remember that PUPs are, generally, nowhere near as bad as some serious infections can be, and if you are not protected against them, it might be a matter of time before cybercriminals strike successfully.

Delete GamingSearch from Google Chrome

  1. Enter chrome://extensions into the browser’s address field.
  2. Click the Remove button placed next to the PUP.
  3. Enter chrome://setting/clearBrowserData into the address field.
  4. Click Advanced, pick a time range, mark boxes, and click Clear data.

In non-techie terms:

Do not bother installing GamingSearch if you are looking for a game-focused search engine. It offers a search tool that redirects to Yahoo Search, but its services are not trustworthy. That is because the PUP injects third-party links into the normal search results page. Even if you want to use Yahoo Search, you should delete the PUP because it simply is unnecessary. To remove GamingSearch successfully, you can either follow the guide above, or you can implement anti-malware software that should eliminate this extension automatically. If there is anything else about this PUP that you would like to discuss, the comments section is open.