Galileo System Cleaner Removal Guide

Do you know what Galileo System Cleaner is?

Galileo System Cleaner is a scam, a bogus security program which is identical to Great Antispy 2012, both of which should be ignored and removed from the computer as soon as they are detected. Galileo System Cleaner is not a new rogue tool; it has been neutralized, but now the infection is revived, and it is ready to attack unsuspecting computer users. The fake program may infect a computer through corrupted websites, online scanners, crippled downloads or other ways. If you are fond of browsing the Internet without paying attention to your computer’s security, beware of Galileo System Cleaner or any other infection.

In the system, the malicious application will make you think that you have a trial version of a very reliable and powerful application, which is not true. It will display scans and their results which are actually false positives. Such infections as Spybot.AKB, Twittworm.A or Spy.YK are not damaging your computer, because they simply do not exist there.  Additionally, it is important to pay no attention to simulated alert messages saying that the removal of those viruses or Trojans is possible after upgrading the program to its full version. You should not purchase the full version of this program, because you will lose your money, and the computer will still remain unprotected. Your money and your personal information necessary for making, for example, online purchases is all that cyber criminals need, so do not follow the rogue’s instructions but remove it as soon as you can.

A removal of any infection is an easy procedure if special measures are taken. It is enough to use are powerful spyware removal application to remove Galileo System Cleaner, and your PC will run as if nothing special has happened. After the removal, the system’s performance will get into its earlier state; you will be able to access the Internet and launch any program. To get the symptoms to disappear, install a legitimate antispyware program and the rogue will be removed for you automatically. This is how you can download the removal tool:

1. Restart the computer in Safe Mode with Networking.
2. Go to and download SpyHunter.
3. Restart the computer normally and install the program.
4. Launch a scan to detect and remove Galileo System Cleaner.

In non-techie terms:

Galileo System Cleaner is a fake program that pretends that it can provide you with effective protection against computer infections, but the sad truth is that it should be removed from the system. It is used as a tool to obtain money from computer users; therefore, the program is not worthy of trust.

Aliases: GalileoSystemCleaner