French MoWare H.F.D ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what French MoWare H.F.D ransomware is?

French MoWare H.F.D ransomware is a French version of MoWare H.F.D ransomware, a malicious application that was detected in the wild some time ago by malware researchers. The first researchers’ impression of French MoWare H.F.D ransomware was that it basically does not differ from its predecessor. This means that this infection is not less harmful if compared to its predecessor as well. To be more specific, it is very likely that you will find your personal files encrypted completely if you ever encounter this computer threat. The threat no doubt targets French-speaking users primarily; however, it does not mean that it cannot affect computers whose owners are located on the other side of the world and do not speak French. The entrance of French MoWare H.F.D ransomware will not go unnoticed, we can promise you that. In case you are already 100% sure that this is the threat responsible for locking files on your computer, you must remove it immediately. Unfortunately, it does not mean that your encrypted files will return to their original state. In other words, they will not be unlocked for you when you get rid of malware that has locked them.

One of the first symptoms clearly showing that the entrance of French MoWare H.F.D ransomware was successful is the Information Security window opened on Desktop. It contains a message that informs users that they can only unlock their files by sending 50 EUR via Paysafecard, a prepaid payment method, to cyber criminals behind the ransomware infection within 5 days. If the timer reaches 0, files will be deleted permanently. At least the ransom note says so. To be honest, we cannot promise that you will get the decryptor if you send a ransom too. In fact, there are no guarantees that French MoWare H.F.D ransomware has really locked your files, so before you take any action, you should check files stored on your PC first. To do so, you might need to kill the malicious process using Task Manager first to close the ransomware window. Do your all files have .H_F_D_locked appended? If so, French MoWare H.F.D ransomware is the threat you have encountered. Ransomware infections are developed to obtain money from users, but you should definitely not pay a ransom. You have to understand that cyber criminals might not give the decryption tool to you even if you pay a ransom. It means that your files will stay encrypted in this case. Free decryption tools that can unlock files encrypted by some ransomware infections exist, but it seems that the free decryptor for French MoWare H.F.D ransomware does not exist yet. It may be released in the future, but for now the only way to get files back for free is to restore them from a backup. Before you take the steps to restore your files, you need to delete French MoWare H.F.D ransomware completely first so that it could not lock your personal data once again.French MoWare H.F.D ransomware Removal GuideFrench MoWare H.F.D ransomware screenshot
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The usual distribution methods should be used to spread French MoWare H.F.D ransomware too, specialists say. In other words, it is very likely that this infection is mainly spread via spam emails, according to researchers. Once the malicious attachment a spam email holds is opened, French MoWare H.F.D ransomware starts working on the affected computer immediately. Also, users must be very cautious with Remote Desktop Protocol connections they use. If you set unsafe credentials, they might be hacked by cyber criminals and malware might be dropped by them on the computer without your knowledge. You should definitely stop opening suspicious emails’ attachments. As you have probably understood, it is very important to secure RDP credentials as well. Last but not least, security specialists also highly recommend keeping security software installed. A reliable tool that is updated periodically will protect you against all the most dangerous threats.

You must delete French MoWare H.F.D ransomware as soon as possible even though this does not mean that your files will be unlocked. Once the infection is gone, it could not lock more files on your system. If you follow instructions provided below, it should not be too difficult to delete it, but, of course, the manual removal will take more time if compared to the automated method, so if you suffer from a lock of time, feel free to use an automated malware remover instead.

How to delete French MoWare H.F.D ransomware

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  2. Under Processes, locate the process named MoWare F.H.D.
  3. Right-click on it and select End task/End process.
  4. Close Task Manager and press Win+R.
  5. Access HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
  6. Locate the Value named MoWare H.F.D and delete it.
  7. Close Registry Editor and tap Win+E.
  8. Type %APPDATA% in the URL bar and tap Enter.
  9. Delete the MoWare_H directory.
  10. Remove all recently downloaded suspicious files from your PC.
  11. Empty Trash.

In non-techie terms:

French MoWare H.F.D ransomware is a threat developed to lock personal files found on victims’ computers. This tactic is used by cyber criminals to obtain money from users, so do not be surprised if you find a window with a ransom note opened on your Desktop soon after the successful entrance of the ransomware infection. Do not send a cent to cyber criminals – there are no guarantees that this will help you to fix encrypted files.