Free PC Security Product From Microsoft Announced

Previously circulating around the security world was the announcement that Microsoft plans to offer a free consumer security product.

The Free Security product from Microsoft is called Morro. Morro is supposed to be able to assist in detection and removal of spyware, viruses, rootkits and Trojans. Many customers and users of Microsoft products have expressed the need for a comprehensive way of protecting their computers from existing and future threats. The question that many ask: will this product truly deliver?

Malware is a fast growing concern to many computer user and especially the ones who have been effected by harmful threats in the past. So what will Morro offer over paid applications that have done an excellent job in protecting PC users? To be honest, we are not sure yet but we know this product should be revolutionary to the point that it will be something offered free to anyone who uses a Microsoft Windows product. That in itself is reason to give it some thought once it is released.

When is this Free product (Morro) from Microsoft going to be available?

An exact date has not been posted but many security researchers believe it will be after the phase out of Windows Live OneCare around July 2009. Should you wait that long for free security protection? No way! There are several other reputable security solutions that provide optimal protection and detection of malware. You must be sure to have some type of protection especially if your computer is connected to the internet. You do not want to take a knife to a gun-fight so it is best to make sure you have the best protection available (within your budget) until we are able to explore the ins and outs of the new Free PC Security Product from Microsoft.

Will you be looking into using a free security product offered by Microsoft? Do you trust Microsoft for your PC security protection needs?