Flixtab Movie Center Removal Guide

Do you know what Flixtab Movie Center is?

If you are a movie buff, you might be intrigued by an extension called Flixtab Movie Center. It is suggested that this extension can help Google Chrome users keep up with the latest movie-related news directly via the New Tab page. Although the add-on might seem to be quite beneficial, our research team does not recommend trusting it. In fact, the only recommendation is that you remove Flixtab Movie Center from your browser. If you have no idea why that is something you should do, you want to continue reading this report. In case you already know everything you need about this potentially unwanted program (PUP), you can scroll down to find a full guide that shows how to delete it.

The suspicious Flixtab Movie Center is officially represented at lp.moviesearchcenter.com. This source promotes the installer that is originally hosted at chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/flixtab-movie-center/kcojcaalekfjjjjalodhgaaplfiljgoc. Although the PUP has official download sources, it appears that Google Chrome users might acquire it via unreliable software bundles. The installer of the extension could also be introduced to Chrome users after being redirected to the download page without permission, or via pop-ups and advertisements that might use misleading information. Unless you have downloaded the PUP from the Chrome webstore, you want to install a trusted malware scanner right away. Perform a full system scan, and you will know if you need only to delete Flixtab Movie Center. Without a doubt, if you discover that you need to remove other unwanted programs or malicious threats, you cannot waste any time. It is notable that the PUP was created by Aztec Media, which stands behind EasyZip New Tab, My1tab Extension, TuneFanatic.com, smdmfu, and other questionable pieces. Although it is unlikely that they would be bundled with the extension, if they are, you want to delete them as well.

When you install Flixtab Movie Center, the New Tab page is taken over, and you are introduced to a search engine, moviesearchcenter.com, which redirects via blpsearch.com to search.yahoo.com. So, if you enter search keywords into the search field, you will be moved to Yahoo Search without permission. Since that is done illegally, you should become worried immediately. When it comes to the results, they could be modified, and unreliable and misleading links could be shown, which is why you should not interact with the results and why you should delete Flixtab Movie Center right away. Of course, the PUP’s search engine also presents easy-access links to tmz.com and imdb.com/news/top, and it delivers content via themoviedb.org. Due to this, some users might be tricked into thinking that the extension is useful. It is not, and the sooner you remove it, the better.

If you are nervous about the elimination of Flixtab Movie Center, we can ease your mind because, in fact, you can get rid of this potentially unwanted program with just a few simple steps that are shown below. Now, if other PUPs or even malicious infections exist, you want to think what the best thing you can do is. Maybe it is time for you to install an anti-malware program that will automatically delete Flixtab Movie Center along with all other unwanted pieces? Whatever you decide to do, do not forget that this PUP is just a drop in the sea, and much more serious and dangerous threats exist. If you do not want to face them, you need to employ trustworthy security software as soon as possible.

Remove Flixtab Movie Center

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Simultaneously tap Alt+F.
  3. Click More tools and then Extensions.
  4. Click the trash bin associated with the unwanted extension.
  5. Select Remove and then restart the browser.

In non-techie terms:

Although Flixtab Movie Center is represented as this helpful and beneficial tool, our research team advises that you delete it from your Google Chrome browser. The extension hijacks the New Tab and introduces you to an unreliable search tool that can trick you into interacting with unreliable links without you even knowing it. Although a few useful links are represented via the New Tab by this PUP, overall, it is not beneficial, and so you should not postpone its removal. Scan your system before you delete Flixtab Movie Center to learn what kinds of other threats exist. Hopefully, they do not, but if they do, consider employing a legitimate anti-malware tool to have all of them erased automatically.