filmsNet Search Removal Guide

Do you know what filmsNet Search is?

Finding an unknown browser app installed usually means dealing with a potentially unwanted program (PUP), and filmsNet Search is a browser extension that falls to this category. If you do not remember that you have installed filmsNet Search on purpose, that suggests that it has probably accessed your PC alongside some other free application. The filmsNet Search extension works on the Chrome browser, and, once installed, it changes the default search engine to make you use the Yahoo search provider. To restore your former settings, remove filmsNet Search from the browser, and take measures to ensure that no other similar or more dangerous program will ever access your PC.

The filmsNet Search extension is one of many similar browser extensions adding their buttons to the browser and offering users search tools to access some free content. This particular browser app offers access to videos and different types of movies, which can also be search by category. The same service is provided by the applications nJoy Movies Search Plus, nJoyFilm Now, and quite a few other programs that are promoted on very similar websites. The filmsNet Search extension should be available at, but currently the website does not enable visitors to download any files. Instead, the Chrome Web Store website functions as a source of the application.

As has been mentioned earlier, the application can be spread bundled with freeware, so, if you want to prevent PUPs, not only should you read the text displayed by the installer, but also avoid questionable software sharing websites. Moreover, there are many malicious websites initiating drive-by downloads, which take place once the visitor accesses the websites. To prevent such incidents, it is important that you not click on pop-up advertisements, web banners, and unknown hyperlinks that you encounter in emails or on questionable websites.

The filmsNet Search application collects certain information about you and your preferences in the hope of applying the information gathered for the enhancement of the service. The data may be shared with third parties interested in general user behavior tendencies, so we advise you to stay away from such programs so that you do not become a statistic who is soon provided with targeted advertisements.filmsNet Search Removal GuidefilmsNet Search screenshot
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Another highly important factor that should encourage you to remove filmsNet Search from your Chrome browser is that this application replaces your default search provider with Yahoo. This search engine is widely used by computer user across the globe; however, the way it is set as your default search engine should make you think critically. The team behind filmsNet Search and many other similar programs is probably interested in taking you to specific websites for generating more traffic and revenues. To achieve their goals, they might have employed some methods to deceive the search engine into providing you with their selected links. Moreover, the new search engine displays many third-party advertisements, some of which might have no relation to your search term, so, if you have already tried the search offered by filmsNet Search, be careful not to click on suspicious-looking paid links.

Programs that make unauthorized changes or attempt to make the user unknowingly agree with the terms provided should not be trusted. Non-transparent performance suggests that the developers have something to hide, which would usually mean that the user might be victimized without even realizing it.

Once you find out that a PUP is running on your computer, do not wait but remove that application. You can remove filmsNet Search from the computer using the removal guide provided below, but you should bear in mind that this is not sufficient to keep malware at bay. Your OS needs professional protection against malware and many other threats. Installing a reputable security program can prevent various security and privacy issues, so do not hesitate to implement one straight away or after removing filmsNet Search manually.

How to remove filmsNet Search

  1. Click the three-dot button located in the top right of the browser.
  2. Click More tools.
  3. Select Extensions.
  4. Remove the unwanted browser extensions.

In non-techie terms:

The filmsNet Search browser extension is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) providing users with free access to movies and videos. The browser extension changes the default search provider to Yahoo and monitors the user's behavior for marketing purposes. The PUP is spread through software bundles and the Chrome web store website. If you have installed filmsNet Search inadvertently, either remove it from the computer using the removal guide provided above, or implement anti-malware to have the PUP removed.