Fileice Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Fileice Ransomware is?

Fileice Ransomware is a soon-to-be-released malicious program whose purpose is to lock your computer’s screen and “offer” you to fill out a survey for a chance to get your files back. Removing this malicious program is something you should consider especially since you do not have to comply with this ransomware’s developer’s demands since the way this program acts now does not leave any permanent damage, unlike ransomware that encrypts files. You can safely get rid of it, and this article is dedicated to presenting you with important information about it and offering you the means to delete it.

As mentioned, this ransomware is currently under development, but we managed to acquire its beta version and test it to see what it is all about. Its main executable is named Sdchost.exe, and it is placed in a dedicated folder at %HOMEDRIVE%\Seo. Once on your PC, it will run automatically on each system startup and will open a fullscreen window. You cannot move or close this window like you can any regular window or software Graphical User Interface (GUI.) This is done purposefully because this application is dedicated to locking your PC’s screen and preventing you from using your computer. Why does it do it, you ask?

Our malware researchers say that this ransomware’s GUI window features two tabs. The First tab is called “Select Your Survey.” It provides you with a list of surveys form which you have to fill out one of them. Researchers say that the whole philosophy behind Fileice Ransomware is to force you to fill out a survey and unlock your computer’s screen be the end of it. They have found that the surveys come from a website at Research has revealed that this program’s developers make money off those surveys when their victims fill them. Indeed, unlike most screen-locking ransomware, Fileice Ransomware does not demand that you pay money to the developer directly. Therefore, you can try filling out a survey as long as it does not ask your personal information and then delete this program manually. However, if this application leaves your screen locked, press Alt+Tab to close the window. Once you have closed it, you can go to the location of Sdchost.exe and delete it. However, you can also use an anti-malware application to do this for you, but now that we know how Fileice Ransomware works, let us move on to its dissemination methods.

While this ransomware is yet to be released, our malware researchers say that due to its highly malicious nature that prevents it from passing on as anything even remotely legitimate, this ransomware should be distributed using an illicit method because no legitimate software distributing website would dare feature it in a software bundle. Therefore, researchers say that Fileice Ransomware should come in malicious emails with attached files that secretly drop this ransomware’s executable when opened. The attached files may look like PDF files but will actually be executable files that run a malicious script that initiate the download of this ransomware. Now, keep in mind that the method used to distribute it has not been discovered, but we believe that the scenario outlined in this article is possible.

In conclusion, Fileice Ransomware is one malicious application that you should remove immediately. It is designed to lock your computer’s screen until you fill out a shady survey. This ransomware’s developers make money from those surveys, so that explains their motivation. In the event this ransomware does not unlock the screen after you have completed the survey, please use the guide below to close and delete it. Alternatively, you can use SpyHunter, our featured anti-malware program that will make light work of this infection.

How to delete this malicious program

  1. Press Alt+Tab keys to close Fileice Ransomware’s GUI.
  2. Press Windows+E keys.
  3. Enter %HOMEDRIVE% and press Enter.
  4. Locate the Seo folder and enter it.
  5. Delete Sdchost.exe and other supporting files.

In non-techie terms:

Our security experts have tested Fileice Ransomware and found that it is dedicated to locking your computer’s screen in an effort to force you to see and fill out a survey. The developers get paid for presenting you this survey and theoretically this ransomware should unlock the screen once you submitted it. In any case, you should get rid of it using the instructions we have included above.