Fake Microsoft Office Activation Tech Support Removal Guide

Do you know what Fake Microsoft Office Activation Tech Support is?

If you have been presented with a suspicious message urging you to activate your Microsoft Office package even though you have done it already, it might be an indication that a devious program known as Fake Microsoft Office Activation Tech Support is running on your PC. This tool is crafted by cyber crooks so they could profit illegally from unsuspecting Internet users. If unfortunately this devious piece of software is already active on your PC waste no time and remove it. To find out more about its invasive functionality, read the rest of our article as we present information gathered by our malware experts during this program's analysis. We also provide a few virtual security tips that will help you maintain a fully secure system and an easy-to-follow removal guide, which will allow you to delete Fake Microsoft Office Activation Tech Support without encountering any major problems.

Once the Fake Microsoft Office Activation Tech Support tool is launched, it will immediately present a dubious message. The notice is designed to appear as an authentic Microsoft memo as it uses familiar logos of popular applications and is organized in an official manner. The message thanks you for installing the Microsoft Office suite, and asks you to activate it; otherwise the product will become unlicensed in 29 days and so barely usable. The major tip-off that this is a scam is that this message is provided to you even if your product is already activated. The warning presents you with a couple of options to obtain a license: via Internet of the phone. It goes without saying that you should not try any of them as they are designed to lure money or your credit card data. While this is a dangerous scam, to say the least, you should know that there is also a chance other suspicious or even malicious programs could have come along with this fake activation tool. Thus, our research team highly advises you to run a detailed analysis of your operating system for potentially harmful software if you happen to already have Fake Microsoft Office Activation Tech Support running on your PC. It should be self-evident that having this dubious program could have devastating outcomes. To completely delete it make sure to use the detailed removal guide that we present below.Fake Microsoft Office Activation Tech Support Removal GuideFake Microsoft Office Activation Tech Support screenshot
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To avoid getting your personal computer infected with Fake Microsoft Office Activation Tech Support or any other devious application, there are certain steps that you need to take to improve your overall virtual security. Firstly, make sure to avoid all suspicious download websites as they are known to provide setup files full of questionable software. Your best bet to obtain a trustworthy installer is by simply downloading it from its developers' authentic website. Even though this might seem like a simple precautionary step, you should know that in reality, it will have a significant effect on your system's virtual security. Additionally, we recommend learning everything that you can about the program that you want to have running on your personal computer because misleading marketing techniques are often employed by cyber criminals to fool Internet users into obtaining a program without understanding how it really works. Finally, and most importantly every single security-conscious user must have a reliable malware detection and removal tool as it provides overall security at all times. Make sure to download such a tool if you do not have one already; otherwise, your PC will be extremely vulnerable, to put it lightly.

The complete removal of Fake Microsoft Office Activation Tech Support is essential. It is imperative to delete every single bit of it to stop its devious functionality once and for all. Follow the instructions and do not skip any steps as traces could remain active on your PC and might be used to restore it. You can simply avoid all of this by executing an in-depth analysis of your operating system for leftovers linked to Fake Microsoft Office Activation Tech Support.

How to remove Fake Microsoft Office Activation Tech Support from your PC

  1. Right-click your Task Bar.
  2. Select Start Task Manager.
  3. Click the Processes tab.
  4. Select the malicious process and click End Process. Note that the name of the process could be randomized.
  5. Open your File Explorer.
  6. Go to C:\Program Files.
  7. Search for MS Office Activation.exe and then delete it.

In non-techie terms:

If you happen to be a user that finds manual removal and analysis of your system too complicated, make sure to follow the instructions that we provide below. By doing so you will be able to remove this fake activation tool in an automated way.