Fake "Conficker Infection Alert" Spam Messages Circulating

After the hype of the Conficker worm other cyberthieves wish to cash in on the situation by circulating spam messages alerting computer users of a fake Conficker Infection Alert.

Marshal8e6's TRACElabs researchers have ran into a spam campaign that has fake "Conficker Infection Alerts" which will actually redirect users to rogue security software. With the hype and confusion of the Conficker Worm, messages that are related to Conficker Worm gain a lot of attention. Hackers and cyberthieves are now using this to their advantage.

In the past their have been all types of other spam campaigns from Presidential election messages to fake economic condition emails that claim to help you pay your mortgage. The Conficker Worm, as you may already know, is a serious threat and continues to be a mystery to many security researchers. The latest Conficker.C variant was recently discovered to have dropped a new payload as it awakens well after April 1st.

An example of the spam message that is currently circulating may look similar to the figure below.

[image source: marshal.com/trace]

If you get messages in your email inbox that are related to Conficker it may be best to use extreme caution in opening them. This current "Conficker Infection Alert" spam campaign contains malicious links within the email message that could redirect users to download rogue anti-spyware programs. We know that having a rogue anti-spyware program may lead to you purchasing a full version of useless software leaving you out of a good deal of money.

Have you received any email messages related to Conficker Worm lately?