Fake AV or Trojan_FakeAV.B Trojan Known To Terminate Other Applications

A recent threat detected by security vendor, Trend Micro, was identified as a Trojan that terminates running applications on your computer.

The Trojan responsible for terminating running ".exe" or executable files is called Trojan_FakeAV.B. Trojan_FakeAV.B has several other variants lurking on infected PC around the world today.

Trojan_FakeAV.B or the Fake AV family of infections, were designed to use a tactic of terminating programs on your computer to limit the chances of it being detected by a security application. If any type of infection is able to go undetected then it can do more damage. That is just what Trojan_FakeAV.B is capable of.

Trojan_FakeAV.B is basically scareware which is part of a widespread market of programs encrypt files and then demand payment for the decryption key. The hackers that make these dangerous applications are able to extort money from computer users who become victim of their scrupulous tricks.

Rogue anti-spyware programs such as System Security may be spread through this type of trojan aiding to the malicious game that the hackers play for an extra pay-day. The family of Fake AV Trojans and rogue anti-spyware applications may gain additional attention in the near future as its creators further exploit the same devious methods of terminating applications and tricking computer users out of money.