Facebook Stalker Virus Removal Guide

Do you know what Facebook Stalker Virus is?

Facebook Stalker Virus is a scam which spreads on the social networking websites once the user click on a certain malicious link. There are several “stalker apps”, which are usually aimed at obtaining your login credentials and the list of your friends so that the new accounts can be infected.  Stalker applications are claimed to provide the user with a list of the most frequent visitors of the profile.

One of the programs that is said to show you your top 10 profile stalkers is Profile Spy. When it is posted on someone’s wall, it reads “Checkout Your PROFILE Stalkers” and a smiling chimpanzee with binoculars is shown next to the heading.  Upon clicking on the link, the user is provided with an instruction saying that he or she has to cope and paste a given Javascript in the browser, which actually means that the same link that you have just clicked on is posted to your friends’ walls.

Facebook Stalker Virus is not the only Facebook scam. There are Facebook Change Color virus, Facebook Friend Request Virus, and some others, all of which seek to get access to the user’s account. If you do not trust the link that you find on your friend’s wall, find out whether it is really safe.

When a Facebook application requests for permission, some information about its actions is provided. Very often Facebook apps are said to be able to update your status on your behalf, read the friend list, and other personal information. Such application may also be regarded as scams and if you should use only those applications that are provided by reliable sources.

In order to remove the so-called Facebook Stalker Virus, you should remove all Facebook apps that you do not use. Moreover, it is very important that you change the password of your account. You should also remove all the automatically posted links that are present on your wall and your friends’ wall. Inform your friends about this hoax – write a new wall post or contact each one individually.

Even though Facebook Stalker Virus is a scam circulating on the social networking website, the system also needs to be protected. So we recommend that you use SpyHunter to shield the system from various threats. This spyware removal tool will easily fight off various computer infections and safe your time and energy.

How to change your Facebook password

  1. Click on the wrench icon in the upper-right corner.
  2. Click Account Settings.
  3. Click Passwords in the General section.
  4. Follow the procedure to set a new password.

In non-techie terms:

Facebook Stalker Virus may refer to any Facebook applications which offer an opportunity to find out who is stalking your Facebook profile. Ignore such programs because they are likely to be used for displaying spammy content and offering advertising services.