Facebook Friend Request Virus Removal Guide

Do you know what Facebook Friend Request Virus is?

If you are receiving tons of friend requests from unknown people on Facebook, it is very likely that you have become a victim of the notorious Facebook Friend Request Virus. According to various sources, some users receive up to 100 friend requests per day from this infection. It goes without saying that you should not accept these requests as the infection could steal your data. It is important to remove Facebook Friend Request Virus as soon as possible, in case this threat slithered into your system.

Your account can get hacked by this worm-like infection, and it can become a bot that sends out countless of friend requests to random people. Some users have reported that their accounts have been blocked, because of an extensive number of friend requests sent on their behalf. The problem with Facebook Friend Request Virus lies in the fact that it seldom infects the computer itself. Mostly, it is your or your friends’ accounts that are hacked and so the infection makes use of them to send more friend requests. They may even steal your data which results in an identity theft. Later on stolen personal information could be exploited in a variety of illegal operations.

Also, since this infection affects your Facebook account and not your computer, there is nothing much you can do, except for reporting the problem to Facebook itself and then changing your password. It is highly possible that the hackers responsible for Facebook Friend Request Virus might have already changed your password, but even so Facebook has a service that allows you to reclaim your account.

What is more, even if this is a social networking level infection, scanning your system with SpyHunter free scanner is always a good idea. Perhaps you have installed a shareware application recently that could possibly expose you to malware infections (such as Facebook Friend Request Virus). Do not hesitate to invest in a reliable computer security tool which will help you to protect your system from unwanted intruders.

In non-techie terms:

Facebook Friend Request Virus is a malicious Facebook infection that sends friend requests to unknown people. If your account got hacked, contact Facebook immediately, and scan your PC for possible malware infections.

Aliases: Friend Request Virus.