Europe Under Attack By Android Banking Trojan SpyLocker

Do you know what Android Banking Trojan SpyLocker is?

There are nearly two billion Android users in the world today who might be targeted one day by Android Banking Trojan SpyLocker. After New Zealand, Australia, and Turkey, this vicious malware seems to have targeted European users. This is a dangerous threat if it lands on your mobile phone. You may think that you install a legitimate Flash Player or a porn player but end up with this malware instead. You should know that once this infection sets foot on your mobile, your data is no longer safe there, including banking and personal details. You may believe that your mobile phone is protected by the built-in antivirus software but if this tool is not updated regularly, cyber criminals can exploit this and that is how this infection can slither onto your phone. According to our researchers, the only way for you to remove Android Banking Trojan SpyLocker is to install a powerful antivirus application.

This malware infection used to spread as a fake Adobe Flash Player that was offered to unsuspecting mobile users that could be downloaded through unreliable third-party sites. This earlier version seems to have targeted only banking application users in New Zealand, Australia, and Turkey. However, there have been some modifications and our researchers have found that not only the targets have changed, but also the method of distribution. Android users have been reporting infections by Android Banking Trojan SpyLocker in Poland, France, Italy, United Kingdom, and even Russia. People who are mostly affected by this vicious infection are the ones who tend to use banking and other financial applications on their Android devices.

Our researchers say that apart from the usual fake Flash Player download, Android Banking Trojan SpyLocker now also disguises itself as a “porn player” and could spread through hacked WordPress and Joomla websites. It is very important for you to remember to stay away from suspicious websites and the download offers you may be prompted with unless you are on an official or a legitimate vendor site. These are the only sites you should ever download applications from because otherwise you might end up with a severe threat like Android Banking Trojan SpyLocker and you could lose a lot if your mobile is not protected with an up-to-date antivirus application.

Once you let this beast onto your mobile, it will show up as a Flash Player icon or as an update icon. After execution, this icon disappears from your home screen and this infection will keep asking for administrator rights. If you give this right to Android Banking Trojan SpyLocker, you will be doomed since this malware will take over your Android mobile device and even removing it will be way more difficult. Therefore, you should be very careful with giving administrator rights to any application that asks for it. Before you do so, it is worth running a quick web search to find out if it is a good idea at all in the particular case. As a matter of fact, if you try to deactivate this threat, it will simply lock your device and deactivation will not be possible anymore, let alone deleting Android Banking Trojan SpyLocker easily.

This dangerous infection collects debit and credit cards details and account credentials from the unsuspecting Android users who use banking and financial apps. It is usually achieved by displaying a phishing page overlay that matches the design and look of the applied banking application in order to deceive users that they are actually on a legitimate form to fill out. While in earlier versions these phishing overlays were stored on and retrieved from a remote server, this version seems to include them in itself in case the server is not available. The gathered information then gets sent to a remote server and could be used to drain your bank accounts, buy all kinds of products online, commit frauds, or sell it to other cyber criminals. We hope that you realize how dangerous this infection may be. In addition to all that, it can also watch your Google, Instagram, and eBay accounts, where it can also display a phishing page to steal your personal information.

As you can see, Android Banking Trojan SpyLocker is all about stealing vital personal information from your mobile device, which can also include text messages, call logs, and more apart from the banking details. This malware infection can cause a lot of headaches for you if your Android device is not protected by an up-to-date antivirus application. If you want to be safe, you should not hesitate to find a trustworthy security tool and install it. But you should also be more careful about what types of websites you visit and what kinds of applications you download onto your Android device. Try to stick with reputable and official sites when it comes to Flash Player and other tools.

In non-techie terms:

Android Banking Trojan SpyLocker is a severe threat to your Android mobile device and your personal information. This infection can enter your device without your noticing it and steal vital banking and personal details from you, which can end very badly for you. Apart from losing your money, your data can be used for all kinds of online scams. In the wrong hands, personal details could be used to commit serious crimes. You should be very careful when offered to download new a version Adobe Flash Player or a suspicious porn player on questionable websites. The most important for you is to protect your mobile device with a reputable antivirus program. Also, keep away from suspicious websites and downloading apps through them.