EuqalTab Extension Removal Guide

Do you know what EuqalTab Extension is?

Looking at the keyword you might think that someone has a problem spelling. And it is true, EuqalTab Extension is not the exact name of the plug-in that we are going to discuss in this description. The truth is that it is Equal Tab, but a lot of users seem to be quite agitated as they look for information on this plug-in, and they tend to misspell the name. Therefore, since users might be looking for information using the wrong spelling as well, we are offering this description where you can find out how to remove EuqalTab Extension from your system.

We think that users may consider this browse extension a browser hijacker. That is because it totally changes your homepage settings to However, browser hijackers often affect systems surreptitiously, while extensions will always inform you about the oncoming modifications. So it is hard to claim that this application is a malicious infection. In fact, our research team suggests that EuqalTab Extension is a potentially unwanted program. It means that it is a normal application that simply comes with several potentially unwanted features. Consequently, if you feel that you did not need this application, there is also a chance that you added the extension to your browser accidentally.

The good thing is that EuqalTab Extension only works on the Chrome browser, so you will not have to worry about the application affecting other browsers (if you have them). However, if you do not use Chrome, EuqalTab Extension or at least the element responsible for its distribution can still enter your system via a drive-by download. In general, potentially unwanted programs often get distributed in software packages, so if there is one undesirable application, it is very likely that you will have an entire set. To be absolutely sure, you should consider scanning your system with the SpyHunter free scanner.

As mentioned, EuqalTab Extension may have more than one way to enter your computer. First, the extension can be found in the Chrome Web Store. When users encounter applications via official sources, it makes the applications look reliable. However, we believe that users seldom look for the likes of EuqalTab Extension in the Chrome Web Store. Rather than being the main distribution source, the application’s section in the Chrome Web Store serves more like an information source that can tell us more about the extension.

It is far more likely that a pop-up offering to add EuqalTab Extension to your browser popped up when you clicked something on a site that supports third-party advertising. It is very often that online gaming websites, file-sharing pages, and other websites that host third-party content also have a lot of pop-up ads that interfere with your web browsing session. Quite a few of those pop-ups may offer to add or install new applications. There might also be scams that say you need to update a particular tool to protect your system from harm. The point is that you should never trust such “stories” because they are created to trick unsuspecting users into adding unnecessary programs that drain system resources and expose everyone to potentially corrupted content.

The same applies to EuqalTab Extension, too. The extension itself is not malicious, but it may indulge in online monitoring, employing tracking cookies to collect data about the websites you visit and the content you prefer to see when you browse the web. Everything is done to provide you with custom content that would encourage you to click particular outgoing links. By clicking these links, you would generate a financial profit for the people behind this extension. It is a common practice that that is employed by most of the potentially unwanted programs. While it is not malicious, it could still lead to certain security issues, so you need to avoid it.

Remove EuqalTab Extension right now via your browser’s settings. You can also reset you browser if you want to, but that may not be necessary. To check for other unwanted applications, scan your system with a legitimate security tool. Also, please employ safe web browsing habits to avoid similar intruders in the future. Your system’s security should be one of your top priorities.

How to Delete EuqalTab Extension

  1. Launch your Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and select More tools.
  3. Open Extensions and remove the plug-in.
  4. Restart your browser.

In non-techie terms:

EuqalTab Extension is a browser plug-in that comes offering you some specific function and service. While this service can be quite useful, you cannot overlook the side effects of having this extension on your browser. It may monitor your online activity for monetary purposes. In the worst-case scenario, everything might also result in a severe malware infection. Therefore, the sooner you remove EuqalTab Extension, the better.