ErrorSmart Removal Guide

Do you know what ErrorSmart is?

ErrorSmart was discovered to be a rogue anti-spyware program running lose on the internet around the world. ErrorSmart seems to be one of the malicious programs that computer users install manually and end up purchasing it before they find out that it is no-good for removal of spyware.

Once ErrorSmart aka Error Smart is installed, usually manually, it will start to scan your system only it is not a real scan, one that displays erroneous results as a scare tactic. What may be most dangerous about ErrorSmart is that it has the potential to hijack your homepage (settings) which could redirect you to a malicious site that promotes other rogue anti-spyware programs. Another scary part about ErrorSmart is it is known to download other malicious files onto your computer without your permission.

In non-techie terms: ErrorSmart can be very difficult to remove manually but even harder to get your money back if you make the mistake of purchasing the full version of ErrorSmart. ErrorSmart is basically a clone of other rogues such as SystemErrorFixer and Errorsafe as they all behave very similar. Do not make the mistake of purchasing or downloading ErrorSmart or any of its clones. is a site found to promote and sell ErrorSmart. You should also stay away from


    Why all this vitriol over errorsmart - ive even had them fix errors on my laptop using logmeinrescue - so they cant be bad -in fact very helpfull