EqualTab Removal Guide

Do you know what EqualTab is?

EqualTab, or Equal Tab, is a browser extension that changes the home page and new browser tabs to equaltab.biz to offer you an animated search page with a weather forecast of your location. The application is compatible with Google Chrome and is available in the Chrome web store. Security experts have categorized this browser application as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) because of the changes it makes, especially if it arrives at a computer as an additional program alongside freeware. The category of PUPs usually means that such programs can be removed from a computer by anti-malware, so, if you do not want to waste your time trying to get rid of the EqualTab extension, use a reputable security tool to have the extension removed.

On the Chrome website, EqualTab is presented as a tool that is present as an alternative to other boring extensions tinkering with the homepage. After installing the EqualTab application, which retrieved Google search results, you still can browse the Internet by images, and also videos. Additionally, the search engine equaltab.biz contains links to Gmail and +Me. If you click on the icon of 9 squares in the upper right corner, you are provided with a drop-down menu containing links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Ebay, and other websites that you would not normally access using the original Google home page.

The fact that EqualTab uses Google to provide you with search results should be taken into consideration. If you prefer Google as your search provider, use it without any intermediary between you and your search provider. Like many other search provider, EqualTab, or rather is owner Extinns LP, collect certain non-personally identifiable information revealing what your preferences and interests are. For example, EqualTab creates an unique ID number for each request to which your search term, the date, and your preferences are ascribed. This information is said to be recorded so that the service of EqualTab could be enhanced, which is a point used by numerous search providers.

Extinns may also conduct surveys, which are said to be completely voluntary. You are likely to offered a chance to win a prize after filling in your opinion or some other details that could be of interest to third parties. We advise you against getting involved in such surveys so that you do not accidentally expose your private information in the fill-in form.EqualTab Removal GuideEqualTab screenshot
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Another reason why you may want to remove EqualTab from the browser is the fact that the browser software may be the culprit of being provided with third-party advertisements. EqualTab does not accept responsibility for the content displayed to you by those third parties, which may also employ different tracking techniques to obtain information about your interests.

If you do not find EqualTab useful, simply remove it from the computer. However, only removing the unsolicited program is not sufficient. Potentially unwanted programs tend to be distributed by various desktop applications and browser extensions, which means that you would deal with a bundled setup file. As soon as you launch the setup file of your selected program, you are provided with the terms of use or the privacy policy of the program you are about to install. In addition to this information, which you should not skip, you are likely to find some options relevant to the installation of an additional program. You should pay close attention to the facts and terms displayed in front of you so that you can prevent unwanted consequences.

When it come to the removal of EqualTab, you can try removing this PUP manually with the help of your removal guide, but bear in mind that, if you do not keep your operating system protected, some other undesirable programs, including malicious software, may be running in the background without your knowledge. Hence, it is worth considering the installation of a powerful anti-malware tool.

How to remove EqualTab

  1. Click the menu button (three vertically placed dots) in the upper right corner of the browser.
  2. Click More Tools.
  3. Select Extensions.
  4. Select and remove Equat Tab - New Tab.

In non-techie terms:

EqualTab is a Google Chrome browser extension that falls to the category of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) because of the changes it makes within the browser. If you find that EqualTab is present on your browser, and you are not sure how it got on your PC, do not wait but remove it from your device.