Eldycow Trojan Removal Guide

Do you know what Eldycow is?

Eldycow is a Trojan infection known to come from infected email attachments or downloaded files such as free videos or mp3 files from P2P networks. Eldycow is known to install malware in various forms that all perform malicious actions. Eldycow may lead the installation of rogue anti-spyware programs, viruses and even keyloggers which could result in identity theft.

In non-techie terms: Eldycow is a dangerous Trojan that should be removed to prevent other infections from being installed without your permission. Ultimately you may lose money if any program that Eldycow installs is purchased. Do not under any circumstances purchase any program related to the Eldycow Trojan infection.

Aliases: Eldycow, Eldycow Trojan, Win32/Eldycow.