EasyScan Removal Guide

Do you know what EasyScan is?

A destructive rogue antispyware tool which derives from the same family as HDD Low, Full Scan, Disk Repair, Win Scanner and Defragmenter claims to benefit your PC, but was designed with the exclusive intention of ripping you off. Many users will recognize EasyScan by its seemingly user friendly and legitimate looking Graphical User Interfaces. This is simply a testimony as to the sophistication which goes into the modern day rogue. PC owners who value the safety and security of their systems should avoid falling victim to this type of cyber scam and erase EasyScan from the system at the earliest opportunity.

The EasyScan infection is typically delivered through seditious Trojan and malware infections which forcefully and stealthily enter the user’s system. These Trojans bundle themselves with legitimate software downloads in an effort to enter its victim’s PC unnoticed. Browser hijacking websites which make use of drive-by download techniques are also especially popular in EasyScan’s online marketing campaign and is the root to many reported infections.

Users will remain unaware of the presence of EasyScan on their systems until EasyScan makes itself know to its victim by way of bombarding him with incessant popup messages. This is especially distressing as contained in some of these fake security alerts are calls to action which will not only further expose the system to other serious infections but also guide the user to harmful online payment portals for EasyScan. These fake security messages read as follows:

“Windows cannot find notepad.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search. ”

Critical Error
A critical error has occurred while indexing data stored on hard drive. System restart required. ”

As well as:

Critical Error
Windows can’t find hard disk space. Hard drive error”

Critical Error!
Windows was unable to save all the data for the file [random name]. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware. ”

System Restore
The system has been restored after a critical error. Data integrity and hard drive integrity verification required.”

“Critical Error!
Damaged hard drive clusters detected. Private data is at risk.”

“Critical Error

Hard Drive not found. Missing hard drive.”

“Critical Error
RAM memory usage is critically high. RAM memory failure.”

During EasyScan’s operation, the user will be unable to launch any executable on the PC. This is done as to render the user incapable of executing any security application which can successfully erase EasyScan from the system. After every attempt to launch a program, EasyScan will present its victim with the following error message:

“Windows detected a hard drive problem.
A hard drive error occurred while starting the application.”

None of these fake alerts deserve the time of day. Do not believe any info contained in these bogus notifications, and do not follow any instruction contained herein. EasyScan will also, in an attempt to further confuse its victim and legitimate security application, generate random files in the system. In order to locate and remove EasyScan temporary files the user needs to open Windows Explorer, and type in %Temp%. This should open the System Temp folder, where the user can locate and delete the various EasyScan .exe and .dll files.

In order to secure the permanent removal of EasyScan, users need to make use of the removal power of a genuine and powerful security tool which will effectively obliterate EasyScan from the PC for good. This will not only eliminate EasyScan from the system, but also offer future protection against similar attacks.

In non techie terms:

EasyScan is a fake security program out to rip you off. Do not believe any correspondence received from this rogue application, and simply destroy EasyScan from the system before it destroys your PC.

Aliases: Easy Scan.