Easy Steps DIY Tab Removal Guide

Do you know what Easy Steps DIY Tab is?

You might have been convinced that Easy Steps DIY Tab is a beneficial extension that can serve all of your DIY needs. It is meant to give you access to different websites that offer DIY instructions and tutorials, and if you are into crafting, optimizing your computer and mobile systems, or learning how to draw, you might decide to install it without researching it any further. Trusting the official promotion is a mistake that many people make because they believe that it presents all that they need to know. Of course, that is not the case, and you should always dig deeper before installing anything new. If that is exactly what you are doing by reading this report, we applaud you. If you are looking for information that could help you remove Easy Steps DIY Tab, rest assured that we can help you.

Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. stands behind Easy Steps DIY Tab, as well as hundreds and hundreds of other suspicious extensions, including Find Instant Recipes, Search Pro, View Free Recipes, or Weather Forecaster. In many cases, these extensions are offered for Google Chrome users only, and their installers are added to the Chrome Web Store. Although easystepsdiy.com is the official website, you are routed to chrome.google.com/webstore/detail//edhefmmjhhmbjlpbbkgjamjefeidelca if you click the green ‘Continue’ button displayed on it. The information you find next to the installer suggests that the extension can offer easy-access links to popular tutorials, social media websites, and a “convenient web search” tool. If you click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button to install it, you are then informed that the extension can read your browsing history, take over the New Tab, and also change your data on some sites.Easy Steps DIY Tab Removal GuideEasy Steps DIY Tab screenshot
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After installation, hp.easystepsdiytab.com is set as the New Tab page, and while it should offer many links to third-party sites that are found under such categories as DIY Ideas & Tools, Fun How To’s, How To’s for PC, Mobile How To’s, How to Draw, or Gaming Hacks, at the time of research, none of them worked. Whether you clicked a link that was supposed to route to wikihow.com or to ehow.com, you’d hit a dead end. Nonetheless, the search tool worked, and it is likely that this is the only reason the extension was created in the first place. Unfortunately, the so-called “convenient” search tool is unreliable. It redirects to Yahoo Search and it uses this popular search engine to show modified results. If you interact with them, you might end up clicking on the links of unknown third parties, and we cannot predict how dangerous or safe that might be. Keep in mind that the extension tracks browsing history, and so the added links could be falsely attractive. These are the reasons we identify this extension as a PUP (potentially unwanted program).

If you are interested in deleting Easy Steps DIY Tab manually, we are happy to provide you with a guide that should help you do just that. The guide also includes steps that explain how to clear browsing data, which is something that you ought to do to get rid of the data-tracking web cookies. Of course, even if you succeed with the manual removal, your system will remain vulnerable, unless you take extra steps to secure it. Why not solve both problems in one move? All you have to do is install a legitimate anti-malware tool, and you will have Easy Steps DIY Tab removed and your system’s security reinstated.

Remove Easy Steps DIY Tab

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Tap Alt and F keys on the keyboard at the same time.
  3. In the menu that appears, click More tools.
  4. Click Extensions and find the PUP.
  5. Click the Remove button placed next to it.
  6. Tap Ctrl, Shift, and Delete keys together.
  7. In the Clear browsing data menu, click the Advanced tab.
  8. Pick a time range and boxes you want.
  9. Click Clear data and then restart your browser.

In non-techie terms:

You might have been convinced that Easy Steps DIY Tab can be useful, but if you have installed it already, you know that it does not offer working links. Also, it only links third-party websites, which you can access without the extension. If that was all that we were worried about, perhaps you could decide not to delete Easy Steps DIY Tab, but we suggest deleting this PUP immediately because we know that it can redirect you to Yahoo Search, show modified results to promote the services or products of unknown parties, as well as track information about you and your activity. It is easy to remove the PUP manually, using the provided guide, but if other threats exist, and if virtual security is something you care about, we recommend implementing anti-malware software to clean and secure your system.