eAntivirus Pro Removal Guide

Do you know what eAntivirus Pro is?

eAntivirus Pro is a fake anti-spyware program known to be a clone of XP Antivirus 2008, Antivirus2009 and other rogue anti-spyware applications within the same family. eAntivirus Pro or e-AntivirusPro performs the usual tactics such as displaying popups and system alert messages as a scare tactic. eAntivirus Pro does this to get you to purchase the full eAntivirus Pro program. eAntivirusPro.com is a malicious website setup to distribute and sell the eAntivirus Pro program.

eAntivirus Pro was found to be installed in many cases through a Trojan infection that may be attached to a spam email message. Even though eAntivirus Pro has a colorful interface and looks like other spyware programs, it does not remove spyware, Trojans or any other type of computer infection.

In non-techie terms: By now you would have thought the creators of programs like eAntivirus Pro or Antivirus 2009 would have used a new name other than one that has "Antivirus" in it. It seems they are riding the same rogue anti-spyware program train as long as they can. Do not trust eAntivirus Pro under any circumstances.

Aliases: eAntivirusPro, e Antivirus Pro, e-Antivirus-Pro, www.eAntivirusPro.com.