DropDrans Removal Guide

Do you know what DropDrans is?

DropDrans is hazardous Trojan program you definitely do not want to have on your computer. If it is already there, we recommend that you remove it immediately because it is likely that your PC is a target of a malware attack. DropDrans is a Trojan downloader whose main function is to download and install other Trojans or malicious software on your computer. Know that having trustworthy security software installed on your PC can always improve your chances against a Trojan attack.

DropDrans is a tool that might be used by malevolent entities to get access to any sensitive data you store on your computer. This process might also cause serious damage to the whole computer system. Usually DropDrans reaches its victims downloaded by other malware. This Trojan downloader might enter your computer when you visit suspicious third-party sites or click on deceptive pop-up ads, or install suspicious freeware applications. DropDrans might also spread via spam emails, media files, or gain access to your system through defective security software.

DropDrans, like any other Trojan, downloads and installs malware from remote servers and designated web sites. In this case DropDrans utilizes Dropbox, a popular web-site file hosting service. The downloader establishes the gateway to a Dropbox account where it has other threats stored. Though the hosting service is legitimate, it has already become an increasingly popular tool among malware distributors. When the connection to the service is established, DropDrans starts downloading additional malicious content (other Trojans, worms, keylogger and screen grabber apps, etc.) that are transferred to your PC posing as legitimate software or randomly-named files. The user is never informed about or asked for consent to start these activities; thus, the best way to prevent the dangerous content from being uploaded to your system is to have an antivirus program function as a safety net.

DropDrans might manifest itself through a wide range of symptoms on your PC. If you notice your machine behaving unexpectedly, i.e., it ‘freezes’ frequently, or programs start running slow because of the greatly reduced computer performance, it is possible the threat is already on your system. DropDrans might also modify default system settings and disable security software to make your machine more vulnerable. Thankfully, there is one convenient way to check if DropDrans is truly there. If you find the files comine.exe, data.bin, or ~tmp.dat saved to the root directory, it means the threat is active.

Trojans are not susceptible to the “Uninstall” feature, nor are recommended to be removed manually. Therefore, the best way to delete DropDrans is to employ an antivirus program to do the clean-up. Set your system security tools to carry out a thorough system scan which would detect all the malicious content on your system. Also, make sure it is always up-to-date and working its full capacity to keep your PC safe in the future.

In non-techie terms:

DropDrans is a Trojan downloader that invades your computer, downloads more additional threats, and leaves your system exposed to criminals. Keep in mind, the longer it stays on your PC, the greater danger it poses. It should be identified as a extremely serious threat and removed as soon as possible using licensed antivirus software.