DropDownDeals Removal Guide

Do you know what DropDownDeals is?

DropDownDeals is a Mozilla Firefox extension which you can download from its official website dropdowndeals.com. If the program has started running within the PC without your authorization, which is possible, you should rush to delete it from your computer at once. You should never trust programs running within your Internet browser if you do not know where they came from because it means that the developers have suspicious objectives. Should you remove DropDownDeals? Continue reading to find out.

Even though it is possible that the add-on gets installed onto the computer via bundled downloads alongside other applications, you could install it from the official source mentioned above. The extension is promoted as a “free browser add-on that automatically displays coupons on shopping websites” and that can save you time and money. Despite this alluring representation, it has been researched that the application can also disrupt your browsing altogether. It is most likely that after the add-on is installed, your PC and Internet connection speeds decrease, your browsing sessions are corrupted by reappearing coupons and your virtual space is bombarded by various online ads.

Trusting ads presented by DropDownDeals is not recommended because the application is linked to Yontoo Layer programs which were discovered displaying misleading cyber criminals’ ads. Therefore, even though the program is not managed by schemers, you should not trust it running on your computer.

In non-techie terms:

DropDownDeals is a potentially unwanted program that has been linked to truly malign browser extensions. If you want to ensure that your privacy is secured and no malicious applications are running, you should delete DropDownDeals from your browser and the PC. Install SpyHunter to execute the removal and ensure that your Windows system is guarded against schemers at all times.

Aliases: Drop Down Deals.