Doctor AntiVirus 2008 Removal Guide

Do you know what Doctor AntiVirus 2008 is?

Doctor AntiVirus 2008 or DoctorAntiVirus2008 is another fake anti-spyware program related to the AntiVirus 2008 Pro group of rogue applications. In knowing for a fact that Antivirus 2008 Pro is nothing more than a scam, it gives us the upper hand for handling and removing Doctor AntiVirus 2008. Doctor AntiVirus 2008 is known to come from the Zlob Trojan usually found on active-x websites or through fake video codec downloads.

Doctor AntiVirus 2008 or DoctorAntiVirus2008 is nothing like a doctor but you may need one after you develop a serious case of anxiety from your computer not functioning the way it should because of Doctor AntiVirus 2008. Once Doctor AntiVirus 2008 is installed it will perform fake scans of your system and display popups of parasites that it supposedly found. Do not worry, any parasite that Doctor AntiVirus 2008 is not legitimate but used as a scare tactic. It is likely that some computer users have downloaded and installed Doctor AntiVirus 2008 directly from

In non-techie terms: Think of Doctor AntiVirus 2008 as a security guard. They may look like a real cop but in reality they don't have the authority to arrest a suspect. Do not ever download or purchase Doctor AntiVirus 2008 under any circumstances. To sum it up, Doctor AntiVirus 2008 is the Doctor Kevorkian of spyware programs, you may think Doctor AntiVirus 2008 is helping you but in reality it is trying to kill a part of your sanity.

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Doctor AntiVirus 2008 or DoctorAntiVirus2008 screen shot image:

Doctor AntiVirus 2008 may start displaying a webpage that says the following.

Doctor AntiVirus 2008 internet message:

Insecure Internet activity. Threat of virus attack
Due to insecure Internet browsing your PC can easily get infected with viruses, worms and trojans without your knowledge, and that can lead to system slowdown, freezes and crashes.
Also insecure Internet activity can result in revealing your personal information.
To get full advanced real-time protection for PC and Internet activity, register Doctor Antivirus 2008.
We recommend you to protect your PC now and continue safe Internet browsing.
Click here to get full advanced real-time protection and continue browsing.
Continue to this website unprotected (not recommended).

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