Disk Helper Removal Guide

Do you know what Disk Helper is?

The software family of fake defragmenters using clever marketing has reached new numbers once again. And just like all fake software, Disk Helper welcomes with a nice and clean interface, and lots of warning messages, like it cares too much about you. We know that Disk Helper is a clone of other HDD fixer released last week, so we can assure thats Disk Helper is no other and all it does is only with intention to steal money from consumers.

Disk Helper install into a computer through the help of a Trojan which opens up a browser security hole. The Trojan gets into a computer when trying to install bad video codecs, opening spam e-mail attachments or clicking on pop-up websites images. The trojan will then get orders from a server and will install Disk Helper which will present itself with various warning messages

The truth is that no matter what Disk Helper presents you with, you need to understand that it is simply all scare tactics which have been created for the purpose of tricking users and then getting their money. These may include showing various false warning messages which may look real ant tell:

Critical Error!

Damaged hard drive clusters detected. Private data is at risk.

Critical Error

Hard Drive not found. Missing hard drive.

Disk Helper and the Trojan wont allow connecting to the internet and may also stop you from running executable files. These tactics are familiar to all modern rogues and are intentionally done to scare computer users and make them believe that Disk Helper is the only way. To bypass the blockage use the following security key:


Bear in mind, that by entering the security key you have not removed Disk Helper. In order to delete Disk Helper completely and remove the accompanied trojan  you must find all infected files and remove them by hand or by using an automated software offered in our page.

In non techie terms:

Disk Helper is a fake system optimizer and will not deliver on any of its promises. Eradicate Disk Helper from your system to protect your PC against irrevocable damage.

Aliases: DiskHelper.