Detect and Bypass Keyloggers on Public Computers

Are you looking for a way to bypass or avoid keylogger software from being used on a personal or public computer?

Sometimes you may run into a situation where you need to utilize a public computer. Did you know that keylogger software may be installed on public computers that record your activity?

Maybe you want to log onto your personal bank account or check your email on a public computer. If you want to detect and bypass the keylogging software then you can take a few steps to do this. One way to bypass a keylogger from obtaining your password when logging onto an account online is by confusing the keylogger. This can be done by clicking the password box and typing a random key. After entering a random key/letter select the entered key with the mouse and type the first letter or number of your password. Next you click on the password box, type a random key. Once again, click and type a random key. Then select the last two letters with your mouse and type the next key of your password. You can continue this pattern and ultimately it should trick or fool the keylogger software. We do not recommend 100% relying on this process for bypassing a keylogger program but is has proven to work for us.

Another way to bypass a keylogger on a public computer is by using the browser's search bar or address bar to camouflage a password. By simply typing a letter of your password in the password box and then typing random letters or numbers into the address or search bar of your browser and then going back and forth until your password is filled into the password box. This method is similar to the above where the keylogger is recording each key typed instead of only the characters in the password box.

How do you detect keylogging software on a public computer?

A physical or hardware keylogger is very easy to find. Simply looking for a hardware device connected to the keyboard usually between the keyboard and computer connection (wire). Software keyloggers may be difficult to identify if you are not an advanced or savvy computer user. Usually a public computer is setup in a way that most computer users are not able to detect or shut down keylogging software. In this case it is best to utilize the method of tricking the keylogger in an attempt to protect your personal passwords or information.

Do you plan on using a public computer in the near future? Have you used a public computer and never thought that your passwords or keystrokes were being recorded?

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