Der zugang zu ihrem computer wurde gesperrt virus Removal Guide

Do you know what Der zugang zu ihrem computer wurde gesperrt virus is?

Der zugang zu ihrem computer wurde gesperrt virus derives from the same group of ransomware infections as the Nederlands Politie virus, Association of Chief Police Officers virus, Bundespolizei virus and tens of other. The vicious program can enter your unguarded operating Windows system through spam email attachments, bundled downloads and a variety of other security backdoors. This first step is extremely important for the success of the vicious scam; therefore, you may not even notice that some illegal program is running, until you screen is locked with a warning stating that your computer has been locked. It is unlikely that the virus will harm your computer physically, apart from being unable to access the desktop. Nonetheless, when you will lose control over the PC, schemers will be able to collect all information needed, drop more malware or even utilize personal accounts for malignant files’ propagation. If this outcome does not seem attractive to you, continue reading to find out how to remove Der zugang zu ihrem computer wurde gesperrt virus.

“Der Zugang zu Ihrem Computer wurde gesperrt” will be the first phrase on top of a fake and misleading warning. This alert, allegedly supported by the GEMA (Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs), will be presented to notify you of accusations about cyber piracy, illegal music downloads and distribution. Additionally, you will also be introduced to the Criminal Code Act §106; however, this is just an intimidating attribute to trick you into thinking that the alert is real and that you need to pay €50 for the presented crimes:

Fragen Sie den Händler nach einer Paysafecard im Wertvon €50.

In reality, neither Bundespolizei nor the German Society of Musical Performance has anything to do with the completely illegal computer’s lockdown presented by the Der zugang zu ihrem computer wurde gesperrt virus. Hence, the next step you should make is the devious infection’s removal.

In-non-techie terms:

The Der zugang zu ihrem computer wurde gesperrt virus is a very dangerous infection which can paralyze your system, stop your normal day-to-day tasks and lure out your money. These are the main reasons why you need to delete it from the computer as soon as possible. Whether you choose manual removal (not recommended) or you use automatic removal tools to delete Der zugang zu ihrem computer wurde gesperrt virus, here are the actions you need to execute to unlock the PC:

  1. Restart the computer, press F8 and select Safe Mode with Networking (if you wish to download automatic removal tools) or Safe Mode (if you are going to continue manually).
  2. Enter “msconfig” into the Search tab or Run from the Start Menu. This will open the System Configuration Utility.
  3. Expand the Startup and Disable All startup programs, which will unlock the computer.
  4. Restart the PC and either install automatic removal tools or use our fee scanner to check if you have not missed any malignant programs during the manual removal.

Aliases: computer wurde gesperrt virus.

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