Den Svenska Polisen It-sakerhet Ukash

Do you know what Den Svenska Polisen It-sakerhet Ukash is?

Another Ukash service using infection has emerged and this time Den Svenska Polisen It-sakerhet Ukash virus is targeting Sweden and its residents. The devious ransomware application has been developed to intimidate attacked computer owners into thinking that their systems have been monitored and investigated by the Swedish Police, and that they need to pay 500 of Swedish Krona (around $75) as a fine and a ransom to unlock computers. Without a doubt, Swedish Police do not apply such methods to identify and punish cyber criminals, so there is no reason to believe that you need to use Ukash and transfer any of your money. The only thing you actually need to do is remove Den Svenska Polisen It-sakerhet Ukash infection from your computer, because there is no reason for this malicious program to remain inside your PC.

The fictitious warning is presented with such information:

Din dator är låst - för ett eller flera skäl som anges nedan. […]
Du har brutit mot lagen 'om upphovsrätt och närsående rättigheter" (Video, Musik, Software) […]
Du har tittat eller distribuerat ett pomografiskt innehåll som är förbjudet (Child Porno /Zoofilia och etc)

The accusations are very serious; however, they are completely fictitious and are simply declared to give you a seemingly valid reason to make a payment through Ukash. This is something you should pay no attention to; however, it will be extremely difficult for you to ignore the intimidating warning, since there will be nothing else you could do. Just like similar ransomware infections (FBI Moneypak, West Yorkshire Police virus, etc.), Den Svenska Polisen It-sakerhet Ukash is managed through devious components, which can infiltrate the system’s registry and initiate screen’s lockdown. This means that you will not be able to operate your system and cyber criminals will be able to use your system for any kind of malignant processes. There is no guarantee that cyber criminals and their implemented malware could not steal your login data and use it to generate more profit or employ personal accounts to spread Den Svenska Polisen It-sakerhet Ukash and various other schemers’ programs. This is highly dangerous, and you should delete the infection immediately.

In non-techie terms:
Den Svenska Polisen It-sakerhet UkashDen Svenska Polisen It-sakerhet Ukash screenshot
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If you think that Den Svenska Polisen It-sakerhet Ukash removal is not going to be an easy task, you are very right, and I can assure you that not many infected computer owners will be able to delete the virus manually. What is more, there is no way to tell what sort of infections could exist alongside the devious ransomware and even experienced users could find difficulties when proceeding. As an alternative we recommend trusting automatic removal tools, and you can acquire them only if you use these three steps to unlock your system.

1. Restart the computer.
2. Press F8 on your keyboard.
3. Choose Safe Mode with Networking.

This will not remove Den Svenska Polisen It-sakerhet Ukash; however, you will be able to access the web and download legitimate security software. If you choose SpyHunter to delete the virus, you must remember that you will not be able to run the application in Safe Mode, which is why you firstly need to Disable All programs from the Startup, which you can reach by launching “msconfig” through the Run engine. This way, once you restart in normal mode, your system will remain unlocked for some time and you will be able to run the chosen automatic removal tool.

Aliases: DenSvenskaPolisenIt-sakerhet