Defence Center Removal Guide

Do you know what Defence Center is?

Defence Center is a rogue security tool. Defence Center employs the use of a new graphical user interface. Once installed, Defence Center will give falsified reports of threats on the computer and will continue to display fake security alerts to coerce the user into purchasing the rogue program. Do not pay for this bogus application and do not install Defence Center, as it will only cause damage to the system in question. Defence Center runs as soon as Windows starts. When running, Defence Center may imitate a system scan and report a variety of infections but won't remove them unless Defence Center is purchased. The scan results are undoubtedly false and should NOT be trusted, instead you should remove Defence Center! Defence Center tends towards the detection of harmless or even non-existing files as serious infections. Furthermore, the misleading application will constantly display fake security alerts and notifications about security and privacy issues.

In non-techie terms

Defence Center will claim that the computer in question is under attack but bear in mind that this is nothing more than a scam. Simply remove Defence Center - and all your PC woes will be over!

Aliases: DefenceCenter, rogue.Defence Center