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Do you know is?

Have you been asked to click Allow button to confirm that you are not a robot on If you were and you clicked it, you might now be seeing notifications from this website on your desktop. That is because the pop-up message that appears on the site asks if you want to let the site to show you notifications and not to confirm that you are a person. Researchers warn that this website is an adware sever, which means its displayed notifications could contain unreliable advertising. The good news is that you can get rid of these notifications if you do not want to see them anymore. To learn how to eliminate manually, you should check the removal guide available below. As for learning more about it, we invite you to read our full report.

How a user might land on and how to avoid it happening? Our researchers tell that the adware server could be promoted on pop-ups or ads that might be displayed on other unreliable web pages. Therefore, we highly recommend against visiting questionable sites or interacting with doubtful links if you do not want to be redirected to web pages that could show you unreliable ads, offer untrustworthy tools, and so on. Your browser can warn you about doubtful websites and stop you from entering them, but only if you keep your browser up to date and do not ignore its warnings. Another thing that you should consider doing if you want to be safe while surfing the Internet is getting a reputable antimalware tool. Such software can guard your device against many threats as well as warn you about various potentially dangerous content. Thus, such a tool could strengthen your system’s Removal screenshot
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The first thing that you might see after getting redirected to is a picture of a robot. Slightly below it you might see a checkbox that says: “I’m not a robot.” A bit later, the checkbox might become unavailable as the website might display a white arrow and the following message on top of it: “To confirm you are not a robot, click the “Allow” button.” The white arrow should point to the Allow button that should appear on your browser’s pop-up message. The message should not ask if you are a robot. What it should say is that wants to show you notifications. In other words, the pop-up asks if you want to give this site a permission to show you notifications. Naturally, users who interact with the pop-up without reading what it says, might give the adware server permission to show notifications without realizing it.

If you clicked Allow without realizing what would happen and now wish to remove notifications, there are a couple of things that you can do. First, you could try to delete the permission provided to the adware server manually. Our researchers say that it is possible to do so by accessing your browser’s settings. For more concise instructions, you could check the removal guide placed below. The other thing that you could do to eliminate notifications is scan your system with a reliable antimalware tool. The files associated with the website should be recognized as adware helpers and clicking your chosen antimalware tool’s deletion button should remove them.


Mozilla Firefox

  1. Launch Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Insert this link about:preferences#privacy into your browser’s address bar.
  3. Press Enter to access the Privacy & Security settings.
  4. Go to the Permissions section.
  5. Locate Notifications and click Settings.
  6. Find, select it, and press Remove Website.
  7. Press Save Changes and restart your browser.

Google Chrome

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Insert this link chrome://settings/content/notifications into your browser’s address bar.
  3. Click Enter to view the Notifications settings.
  4. Check the permissions list located in the Allow section.
  5. Find and block or remove its permission.
  6. Restart your browser.

In non-techie terms: is a website that might ask you to click Allow button available on a pop-up message that asks if you want to let this website display notifications. The problem is that the site does not ask to click the Allow button so it could show you notifications. Instead, it asks to click it to confirm that you are not a robot. Consequently, users might feel like the adware server’s creators are trying to trick them. If you feel so and do not want to see notifications from this website on your screen, you could delete the permission that you might have given to this site accidentally. If you want to do so manually, you could use our removal guide placed above that shows how to get rid of the adware server step by step. The other way to eliminate is to get a reputable antimalware tool that could detect and erase data belonging to the adware server.