Crypto-Loot Miner Removal Guide

Do you know what Crypto-Loot Miner is?

Crypto-Loot Miner is a JavaScript that can be embedded into certain websites. It is not a piece of malware that is dropped onto your computer, and so you cannot actually delete it. While you cannot remove Crypto-Loot Miner, you can install an extension for your web browser to block the websites running the script. The JavaScript is not malicious per se, and you will not face any security issues due to it, but visiting sites running it could slow down your PC. Why? The script is used to mine Bitcoins for a third-party. Basically, your CPU is exhausted for the benefit of a third-party. Due to this, we can compare it with CoinHive, Vpntop, and similar services. If you wish to learn more, continue reading.

Recently, services have been offered to website administrators and owners that allow them to generate a profit using a Bitcoin miner, a tool that processes Bitcoin transactions to generate revenue. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is at an all time high, and so everyone wants to join the game. Mining is meant to replace traditional ads, which might make the experience more enjoyable to site visitors. Also, since more and more users are employing ad-blockers, website owners might be looking into alternative ways to make money. That being said, while you will not see anything out of the ordinary when visiting sites running Crypto-Loot Miner, you will notice that your CPU usage is increased (could go up to 50%). If the CPU is running at full force for a long time, you could experience irreversible damage to your computer. Also, you are likely to notice that your PC and your web browser are running slower than usual. Without a doubt, that is not something many users would find desirable.

The bad news is that Crypto-Loot Miner could be employed by both harmless and malicious parties. After all, they would not miss an opportunity to make money, and that is exactly what they can do using the suspicious JavaScript. It is even possible that malicious parties could embed the script into websites whose owners and administrators are not interested in mining Bitcoins. Unfortunately, this is something only the owners can fix because, as discussed earlier, you cannot delete Crypto-Loot Miner script yourself. You can, however, avoid websites running it. You can also install extensions that block websites running it. Why should you worry about this? Your PC would slow down and your CPU would be exhausted for the benefit of unknown parties. This makes for an uncomfortable virtual experience, and on top of all that, you do not gain anything out of it. Furthermore, if malicious parties are using the Bitcoin miner, we are sure you do not want to help them make money.

If you discover that your system’s CPU is exploited when you visit a certain website, there is a great chance that a Bitcoin miner is embedded into the code. While visiting a website like that is not dangerous for your virtual security – unless, of course, the website itself is malicious – it can exhaust the CPU and make your PC run slower than usual. If you do not want to deal with that, avoid visiting websites running this JavaScript. You can also employ extensions to block sites like that.

In non-techie terms:

You cannot see Crypto-Loot Miner just by visiting a website running it, but if this JavaScript is embedded, Bitcoins will be mined to help third parties make money. In most cases, the script is added by the owners of the sites to help them generate revenue; however, in some cases, the script could be added by malicious parties. In either case, you do not benefit from the process in any way. On the contrary, you lose power, and that is something you might find very irritating. If you desire to stay away from websites that use CPU-exploiting miners, we suggest employing extensions that are created to block mining script.