ConverterSearchTool Removal Guide

Do you know what ConverterSearchTool is?

Is ConverterSearchTool a unique extension? In a sense, it is because it is its own thing. However, if you look at things from the perspective of your researchers, you can see that it is just a clone of numerous other extensions. Perhaps they were created by the same party, or perhaps they belong to different parties. That is something that we have yet to confirm. A few clones of the extension we can mention include PDFConvertersSearch, HDMusicStreamSearch, and PDFConverterSearch4Free. Since they are clones, you can apply the same methods to delete them. Of course, we inspect every single PUP (potentially unwanted program) thoroughly and individually. If you keep reading this report, you will learn how to remove ConverterSearchTool, but remember that the same tips can be applied to other clones.

If is where you downloaded the PUP from, perhaps there are no other threats running silently within your operating system. The Chrome Web Store is generally regarded as a trustworthy app source, but, as you can see, PUPs are represented via it as well, and so you need to be careful about which extensions you download. Of course, you have to be twice as careful if you decide to download ConverterSearchTool using a third-party installer, especially if it introduces other extensions or programs. Bundled downloaders are very common, but they are often used to spread PUPs and malware, and so if this is how the suspicious extension was installed on your own browser, we strongly suggest scanning your system now.

We know that ConverterSearchTool does not introduce, which is a page that presents the PUP’s search tool and also a few free widgets (e.g., PDF converter). However, it introduces This page is placed as the default search provider, and every time you use it, it redirects to Yahoo Search. Do you know why that is a problem? First of all, that proves that the PUP is useless. After all, if you wanted to use, you could do that without the PUP. Of course, you might have been convinced that this extension can “optimize” the shown results. Well, it simply injects sponsored content, and we cannot say if interacting with it could be safe. Obviously, if you do not want to put yourself at risk of potentially interacting with malicious links, you should consider the removal of the PUP.ConverterSearchTool Removal GuideConverterSearchTool screenshot
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It should come as no surprise that we recommend deleting ConverterSearchTool. In our eyes, this extension is completely worthless. Furthermore, it might expose you to ads and other kinds of unpredictable third-party content. If you do not want to put your virtual security at risk for something as useless as this PUP, we suggest that you choose a removal method. It should be easy enough to remove ConverterSearchTool manually, and the guide below should make it even easier. Of course, it is always best to employ anti-malware software that can locate and delete all unreliable and malicious components automatically. This is especially important if other threats are detected or if you find it hard to secure your operating system yourself.

Remove ConverterSearchTool from Google Chrome

  1. Open your browser and tap Alt+F keys to access the Chrome menu.
  2. Click More tools to open the menu and then click Extensions.
  3. Click the Remove button placed next to the PUP.
  4. Go back to the More tools menu and then click Clear browsing data.
  5. Open the Advanced menu and choose a time range (when the PUP was installed or everything).
  6. Select the boxes you want and then click Clear data.

In non-techie terms:

Although some Chrome users might be convinced that ConverterSearchTool is a useful tool, our research team has tested this extension, and we see it as a useless extension. All it can do is redirect to Yahoo Search and show sponsored content along with normal search results. If you want to use Yahoo Search, delete the PUP first and then set the desired default search provider. Of course, it is most important to remove this extension for security reasons. While you are browsing, it tracks information about you and your interaction with the shown content. Speaking about the content, it is completely unpredictable because we do not know who the PUP’s creator works with. To delete ConverterSearchTool, you can follow the guide above, but we recommend implementing anti-malware software if some other threats exist and if you need help securing your entire system.