ConfidentSurf Removal Guide

Do you know what ConfidentSurf is?

ConfidentSurf is a rogue anti-spyware removal tool. ConfidentSurf offers scanning and removing Internet records, temporary files and useless data from PC. ConfidentSurf may also displays fake infection alerts stating that your computer is infected with spyware in order to trick you into downloading the full ConfidentSurf version.

ConfidentSurf can seriously damage your computer by downloading other spyware, tracking keystrokes, changing system registry, infecting network computers, and causing slowdowns and crashes.

In non-techie terms: Distributors of trojans conduct illicit installation methods to extort money from you. Do not click on ConfidentSurf fake security messages.


Name: ConfidentSurf v.3.8
Type: Rogue Anti-spyware program
Size: 1818624 bytes
MD5: %program_files%\ConfidentSurf\7ffe0f3cb476f7f52372c7c5b0ad23db