Conficker Worm or Downadup Has Now Spread To Over 8 Million Computers Worldwide

We just reported earlier about the Conficker Worm affecting over 3 Million hosts around the world but recent reports have stated that the Conficker worm, aka Downadup Worm, has spread rapidly to infect over 8 million computers. This is a massive outbreak of a serious worm infection that may expose infected computers to hijacking.

Mostly corporate systems are currently affected by this worm outbreak.

This is the most serious large scale worm infection outbreak that many security researchers have seen in several years. It seems the larger portions of the infection include the countries of Europe, Asia and the United States. Most of the reports have included only corporate networks being affected as of now. Researchers are advising companies to utilize strong passwords and to install any new patch that is made available at their earliest convenience to "fix" this issue. The Conficker worm or Downadup worm can be removed as many officials are working to remove the infection from affected systems.

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