Conficker B++ Comes About To Join The Original Conficker Worm With More Devastation Potential

The creators of the original Conficker Worm infection have released a newer version of the vicious malware infection now called Conficker B++.

In just a few days ago SRI International Researchers, who published code of the Conficker B++ Worm, discovered the new infection. Just like the old Conficker Worm variant, the newer Conficker B++ also facilitates malicious actions such as sending out spam messages, recording keystrokes and even the launching of DoS (denial of service) attacks.

The Conficker Cabal, an ad hoc group, has kept the Conficker worm somewhat under control by cracking the algorithm that the software uses to find meeting points on the internet where it can look for new code. This action uses unique domain names for the access or rendezvous points which are kept out of the wrong hands.

Conficker B++, the newer Conficker Worm variant, uses similar tactics but may implement ways to bypass new roadblocks put up to originally stop the original Conficker Worm. This could be a serious epidemic as the Conficker B++ was rewritten to cause mass havoc with new ways of spreading.

It may also be the case, as suggested by security researchers that Conficker B++ has been circulating longer than originally thought which may be back as far as a few weeks. Some also believe that Conficker B++ may have been created because actions were getting a hold of the original Conficker Worm and virtually putting a stop to it spreading. Only time will tell as researchers further examine the Conficker B++ methods of infection and spreading.

It was reported that about 10.5 million computers are now infected with all variants of Conficker according to SRI.

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