CommonName Removal Guide

Do you know what CommonName is?

CommonName is an adware application that is powered by browser helper objects and rootkit components. These malicious elements have been found out to slither into computers via social engineering scams, encrypted software installations, infected flash drives and other security vulnerabilities. This is how your personal Windows XP system could become infected with winnet.exe, cnbabe.dll, unins.exe orcomwiz.exe, all of which are extremely dangerous to your operating system. These files can disturb malware detection within your computer and even block you from having CommonName deleted, so you should hurry up and implement tools to remove these clandestine components.

The malignant CommonName elements can tamper with Windows Security Center, reconfigure Windows Registry settings or disable the regular running of initialization processes. What is worst about these malignant executables and dynamic link library files is that they can download more malware into your computer, and you should be most careful of are surreptitiously running BHOs. These add-ons can collect your browsing peculiarities, “learn” what could interest you, and then allow schemers to produce advertisements that are highly malicious. These online ads could be used for scams or malware infiltration, which is why you should not even click on them. Additionally, malignant components can connect to remove server, redirect your web searches to illicit online gambling sites, and initiate other malignant operations.

In non-techie terms:

Adware infections are extremely dangerous, and CommonName is not an application you will ever want to deal with again. It can allow schemers to obtain your login information and could also be extremely hard to delete. Despite this, CommonName removal is not something you should postpone, and the sooner you apply automatic removal tools or delete it manually – the better.

Aliases: adware.CommonName