Cloud Protection Removal Guide

Do you know what Cloud Protection is?

Cloud Protection is a fake rogue antispyware application that is a direct clone of Guard Online. The relationship between the two rogues is visible just by comparing their interfaces that are absolutely identical. It might seem that Cloud Protection is a legitimate computer security program, especially considering the fact that it looks absolutely high-tech, but that is exactly the reason why the developers of rogue antispyware invest in its design so much – a good design can easily fool an unsuspecting user into believing that he is about to use a legitimate application.

This rogue can enter you system accidentally while you are browsing the internet. One click on a dubious link can lead to the infection without you even realizing it. The thing is that Cloud Protection does not prompt you about the installation and once it is in your system, it adds entries in the registry that allows it to load automatically whenever you boot your computer. Then Cloud Protection launches a fake system scan and “finds” a lot of viruses in your computer.  It “detects” such parasites as Trojan.VBS.Qhost and Trojan.Download.JS.Remora. Cloud Protection even provides you with the description of these parasites, but the thing about them is that even though these Trojans and other types of malware are not made up, they DO NOT exist in your computer. Thus you must ignore the messages you receive from this rogue point blank.

Another thing that comes along with Cloud Protection is the inability to load certain programs. Cloud Protection blocks a few .exe files on purpose whenever you try to load them, saying that these programs have to be closed in order to protect your computer from the infection spreading further. Also, Cloud Protection does not allow you to open certain websites, especially those that might be related to rogue removal. By forcefully redirecting you the rogue claims that the websites you are trying to access contain some kind of infection and therefore you should not open them. Obviously, that is far from truth, and the only reason why Cloud Protection behaves like that is because the rogue wants your money.

You can protect your financial funds by removing this rogue from your computer. First of all, before you do that, “activate” the program. Use this code to “register” the rogue:


After the “registration” Cloud Protection will stop sending these annoying security notifications and it will be a lot easier to get rid of it. Acquire a reliable antimalware tool that will remove Cloud Protection from your computer automatically and you will be able to enjoy a clean system once again.

In non techie terms: Cloud Protection is a false antivirus program that enters your computer with intension to steal your money. It slows down your system and eventually can cause its ultimate crash. Terminate Cloud Protection before it’s too late and make sure that you don’t get infected again.

Aliases: CloudProtection.