Cloud AV 2012 Removal Guide

Do you know what Cloud AV 2012 is?

Cloud AV 2012 is a fraudulent security program that belongs to a huge family of rogues called Rogue.WinAVPro. If you are prone to getting rogue infections every now and then, you must have encountered the predecessor of Cloud AV 2012 – OpenCloud Security already. These rogues can be recognized by their appearance, because all of them share similar interface. It usually has a black background with the option tabs displayed on the left pane, while the right one is dedicated for the scan results.

Even though it might sound incredible, but Cloud AV 2012 is a computer threat that pretends to be a useful program, and so upon its installation in your system it performs a fake system scan. After the scan it claims that is has found dangerous items in your computer, such as Trojan-Download.JS.Remora, Trojan-Downloader.JS.Agent or Trojan.JBS.Ghost. Cloud AV 2012 gives the “malware” HIGH level of Severity and then recommends removing the previously mentioned threats from your computer immediately. The nasty trick in this is that none of the “detected” Trojans are there. This scan is a scam devised to make you think that your computer is terribly infected and you need to purchase the full version of Cloud AV 2012 in order to make your computer clean again.

If that weren’t enough, Cloud AV 2012 also blocks your internet connection and very important programs, such as your internet browser under the pretense that it is infected with malware and the program has no other choice but to close it, or otherwise your computer would be in danger. Here is what is says:

The file "firefox.exe" is infected. Running of application is impossible.
Please activate your antivirus software.

It is quite obvious, though, that this message, along with many other fake security notifications is not real, and you should never follow the Cloud AV 2012 instructions, because you can end up penniless with a damaged computer at hand. Even though Cloud AV 2012 pretends to be a useful program, it actually causes a great harm to your system at the same time trying to steal your money. If you want to wake up from this nightmare, use one of the following activation codes to “register” Cloud AV 2012 and then terminate it completely:


With the rogue “activated” it will stop sending your annoying messages and you will be able to remove Cloud AV 2012 with any difficulties. If you have no idea how to do it on your own, get yourself a reliable security program that will help you to get rid of the rogue automatically.

In non-techie terms:

Cloud AV 2012 is a dangerous computer threat that comes barging into your system with intention to steal your money. While it tries to achieve that the rogue also slows down your computer to the point you can no longer work with it properly. Remove Cloud AV 2012 from your system and make sure it never infects it again.

Aliases: Cloud AV.