CleanupTool Removal Guide

Do you know what CleanupTool is?

CleanupTool is a fake anti-spyware program that is designed to only "cleanup" the money in your wallet instead of cleaning up parasites from your computer. CleanupTool is pretty much worthless for removal of spyware viruses or even Trojans. Funny to say but, CleanupTool may come from a Trojan such as Zlob.

If CleanupTool is installed on your computer then you may immediately know it by the annoying popups that you get or system alert messages that bombard you in the middle of working on your computer. You may notice that the website looks similar to those of other fake anti-spyware programs. That just supports the fact that you should never visit

In non-techie terms: If you ever encounter CleanupTool on your system then you should remove as soon as you can to prevent further damage to your system. CleanupTool and other rogue programs may lead to theft of your personal data stored on your computer. No one wants their identity to be stolen. Remove CleanupTool at once.

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