CleanUp Antivirus Removal Guide

Do you know what is CleanUp Antivirus?

CleanUp Antivirus is a malicious rogue antispyware application that you don't want anywhere near your computer system. CleanUp Antivirus makes use of very manipulative tactics in order to try to convince users that they have malicious threats running on their machine and need to purchase the full version. Do not be fooled by any of this as CleanUp Antivirus, will only cause you many unwanted computer problems, may invade your privacy and steal your money.CleanUp Antivirus is not something to play around with and needs to be removed from your computer.

In non-techie terms

It is imperative that you remove CleanUp Antivirus from your computer as soon as you detect that you may have it. The best removal method would be to invest in a decent antispyware application that is able to detect as well as remove CleanUp Antivirus for you. CleanUp Antivirus could ruin your financial life, your personal life and mess up your computer entirely, don’t take any chances.

Aliases: CleanUpAntivirus, rogue.CleanUpAntivirus, Clean UpAntivirus, rogue.CleanUp Antivirus.