CleanPCTool Removal Guide

Do you know what CleanPCTool is?

CleanPCTool is a dirty anti-spyware program that has false claims of improving the performance of your computer. CleanPCTool is a scam designed to display false and exaggerated scan results in an attempt to scare users into purchasing the licensed version of CleanPCTool. The only thing CleanPCTool might do for you is clean out your wallet. Do not trust CleanPCTool, it is a scam.

CleanPCTool is installed from a Trojan infection that is usually downloaded through a video codec or P2P website. CleanPCTool may display popups that resembles Microsoft Windows system alerts or legitimate error messages. The messages that CleanPCTool generates cannot be trusted. CleanPCTool may be related to StorageProtector which is a previous rogue anti-spyware program.

In non-techie terms: CleanPCTool and the website must be taken seriously as it is not a good program or website to come in contact with. CleanPCTool just like other nasty rogue anti-spyware programs uses illicit tactics such as fake popup messages to get you to waste your money on the full version of CleanPCTool which is a rogue anti-spyware program.

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