Buma Stemra Removal Guide

Do you know what Buma Stemra is?

If you are being warned about your criminal activity regarding copyright laws by a disturbing notification on top of your PC’s screen, Buma Stemra virus has infected your operating Windows system, and you will only be able to remove this fake alert once you figure out a way to delete the entire infection. This virus may travel with the help of other computer infections, but can also utilize spam email attachments, social engineering scams, bogus advertisements and other similar security loopholes to let the devious application start its processes. If these vulnerabilities are not monitored by reliable security products, you could have to worry about Buma Stemra removal soon enough, if you are not doing this already. Having the infection deleted is essential; however, firstly find out why you need to be aware of this program and what danger it could bring.

The vicious cyber criminals’ instrument replicates the manners of the previously reported ransomware infections including Buma Stemra virus, Cuerpo Nacional de Policia virus, Den Svenska Polisen It-sakerhet virus, International Police Association (IAC) virus, Interpol Departament of Cybercrime virus, Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus, West Yorkshire Police Virus and tens of others. All of these surreptitious applications allegedly represent such respectable, authentic law enforcement authorities as Interpol or the Metropolitan Police; however, these organizations actually have nothing to do with the ransomware, and schemers are only trying to attract attention to their fake alert by using these well-known companies. Familiar names and logos, professional Buma Stemra alert’s style, the usage of real Copyright Act provisions and strict demands to pay fines for stated crimes have already helped schemers to trick thousands of Windows users. If you do not want to be their next victim – hurry up and analyze the fictitious notification that will state: “Illegaal gedownloade muziek stukken (“door piraterij verkregen”) zijn gelegen op de computer”.

In non-techie terms:

Ransomware alert is completely fictitious; however, you may start thinking about paying the demanded ransom only because you may not see any other way to access your desktop and run your PC normally. The virus may take over the Registry and change key values of your desktop and Task Manager functionalities to make it impossible to do anything else but stare at the alert. Without a doubt, there is a solution to this problem, and if you follow these directions, your screen will be unlocked shortly:

  1. Restart the computer and hit F8 (do this before the PC boots up).
  2. Click on the Start and select Run.
  3. Type “msconfig” and System Configuration Utility will pop up.
  4. Expand the Startup tab and select the Disable All button. Click Apply.
  5. Restart your computer and immediately delete Buma Stemra before it manages to regenerate.

If you have never deleted malware manually, this is not the option you should go for, and if you choose to install automatic removal tools to deal with the virus, you need to download them whilst in the Safe Mode with Networking. If you choose SpyHunter to remove Buma Stemra virus – download the program and install it after step 5.

Important! This Parasite will limit your Internet access. To restore your Internet connection, follow these instructions here

Aliases: BumaStemra.