BlockKeeper Removal Guide

Do you know what BlockKeeper is?

BlockKeeper is a very dangerous rogue antispyware application which will only cause you many computer problems. BlockKeeper will not only invade your privacy but will also attempt to make you part with your hard earned money. BlockKeeper was created by the same family that created Block Scanner, Block Watcher, Shield Safeness, Trust Cop, Secure Warrior, Secure Fighter and so on...

In non-techie terms:
It is within your best interest not to fall for any of the tricks that BlockKeeper presents you with. If you see a system scan, you need to know that this is fake and so is the systems scan report results. You need to be strongly warned to never purchase any full versions as this is just another trick in order to try and get your money. BlockKeeper is dangerous and should never be downloaded, purchased or clicked on in any way.

Aliases: Block Keeper, Block.Keeper, Block-Keeper.