BlockAdsPro Removal Guide

Do you know what BlockAdsPro is?

Most computer users are annoyed by third-party advertising, the flashing banners and pop-ups, so an application like BlockAdsPro would sound like a great solution to avoid such distractions. Unfortunately, according to our researchers who have tested this questionable application in our internal lab, this is just another useless adware program that may be a potential source of threat. This adware may surprise you with relevant-looking advertising, which is the product of a data gathering this infection does on you. Customized ads are always riskier because you may feel drawn to them and want to click on them. But when cyber criminals are behind one, you need to be very careful not to end up losing your money by sharing your banking details on a fake online shop site. If you do not want your screen littered with potentially harmful ads or end up scammed, we advise you to remove BlockAdsPro right away. Please read on for more detail on this annoying malware infection to understand how it is possible to protect your system against similar threats.

We are not even surprised that we have not found an official website where this tool could be available for download even though the web is filled with similarly named applications with the supposed function of blocking ads either on the whole web or on specific websites, such as YouTube. We did find a URL where you can drop the installer of this adware but this link you would most likely be able to visit when you get redirected to it. This can easily happen when you click on an unsafe link or third-party advertisement on shady websites usually associated with gaming, gambling, dating, file-sharing, and porn. If you even land on such a page even accidentally, you should close the tab or the whole browser window to avoid further infections or exposure to potentially scams.

It is also probable that you install this threat via free software bundles. Since bundles may pack potentially unwanted programs as well as malicious software installers, you always need to be alert and find out what the bundle really contains. Unless, of course, you do not mind ending up with browser hijackers, fake warnings, keyloggers, Trojans, adware programs, and more. Such programs can seriously lower your security level and cause exposure to dangerous third-party web content. But even if you do not tend to click on random third-party ads and links, it is possible that from time to time you visit questionable file-sharing pages to download free files. However, when you use such pages as your source, you may download malicious bundles and before you know it, you install a number of malware threats in addition to a probably useless free program. We advise you to delete BlockAdsPro right now and find a trustworthy malware scanner that you can use to detect all other threats on your system.

This adware program has one true function just like most of its pears and that is promoting affiliates, i.e., to drive web traffic to their websites. This is why you may see more and more third-party commercials in your browsers while you are browsing the web. Unfortunately, this adware can also spy on you by gathering information about your online activities, such as which websites you visit, how much time you spend there, what types of ads you tend to click on, what products you are interested in, and so on. Based on this profile, customized ads can be sent to your screen. But this information may also be sold for money to third parties, who can also exploit it to lure you to their malicious websites. Obviously, not all of the websites run by cyber criminals are easy to spot. Some may even look like legitimate webshops. However, when you enter your credit card details, instead of ordering a product, you would simply give all the data crooks need to drain your bank account. If you want to avoid such unnecessary headaches and security breaches, we suggest that you act right now and remove BlockAdsPro from your PC.

If you do not mind manual removal, you can follow our instructions below. Do not forget that this adware could be only one of several malware threats possibly endangering your system. You can try to identify the rest yourself by scanning through the installed programs list in Control Panel or the extension list in your browser menus. But even this may not be enough to detect all the threats on your computer. Thus, we suggest that you download and install a professional anti-malware program like SpyHunter.

Remove BlockAdsPro from Windows

  1. Tap Win+E to launch the Windows File Explorer.
  2. Delete the “%AppData%\Microsoft\BlockAdsPro” folder.
  3. Empty the Recycle Bin and reboot your PC.

In non-techie terms:

BlockAdsPro is an application that does not actually block any ads in a professional way but, instead, it displays them to make easy money for its authors. Our researchers have concluded that this is an adware program that may pose a threat to your system security by the questionable third-party commercial ads it may show on your screen. You may be annoyed by these banner and pop-up ads but you could also be in more trouble if you were to click on them even accidentally. Since the reliability of the third parties is not guaranteed, you may easily infect your system with more malware threats or end up being the next victim of an online scam on a malicious page you get redirected to after you click on such an ad. We recommend that you remove BlockAdsPro as soon as possible. Protecting your PC is essential if you want to be secure; this is why we advise you to install a reliable anti-malware program.