Block Watcher Removal Guide

Do you know what Block Watcher is?

Block Watcher or BlockWatcher, is a dangerous and fake security application. Block Watcher is known to be installed through the use of a Trojan horse infection. Block Watcher is related to other fake security programs that tend to use similar tactics to extort money from unsuspecting computer users. Block Watcher comes from the group of hackers that made the rogue Soft Cop.

In non-techie terms:
Block Watcher should never be trusted for the tasks of detecting and removing spyware. Block Watcher pretends to be able to detect and remove spyware from its system scan that is populated with falsified results. In addition, once Block Watcher is installed on a computer, it starts to display fake security alert messages. These can be very annoying. If you do not like to be annoyed like this then you should take the necessary steps to remove Block Watcher.

Aliases: Block Watcher, BlockWatcher, Block-Watcher.