Block Scanner Removal Guide

Do you know what Block Scanner is?

Block Scanner is the latest rogue anti-spyware application, causing only havoc on the internet community. Block Scanner tends to spread itself via Trojan infections, spam emails or via its affiliated web-sites. The malicious activity carried out by Block Scanner involves the generation of fabricated pop-up alert messages and fake system scans, which will always report the presence of certain infections occupying the user's computer system. Once installed, Block Scanner may be configured to run automatically upon each system launch, which means the annoying pop-up messages will appear as soon as the user logs onto their system.

In non-techie terms:
Block Scanner will bombard the user with dozens of fake alert messages, suggesting that the only solution would be to purchase the full version of this fake software - in order to remove the ‘detected' threats. Remember - purchasing Block Scanner ‘licensed' version is only going to end up being a huge waste of money. If Block Scanner has been detected in a machine, it should be deleted immediately.

Aliases: BlockScanner