BlackKnight2020 Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what BlackKnight2020 Ransomware is?

BlackKnight2020 Ransomware is an infection that attempts to convince Windows users to pay $100 to regain access to their operating systems. To make this demand somewhat legitimate, the infection locks the screen. Similarly to GottaCry Ransomware and other well-known screen-lockers, this threat claims that you will not regain access until you fulfill all of the presented demands. So, should you follow them? Our research team suggests that you do not do that. If you do, you will lose money, and there are no guarantees that your screen will be unlocked. So, what are you supposed to do? Hopefully, you can enter a special code and then immediately remove BlackKnight2020 Ransomware from your operating system. If you have no idea how to unlock the screen and delete the infection, please keep reading.

According to our malware researchers, BlackKnight2020 Ransomware is most likely to catch its victims via email. Do you remember opening a strange message from an unknown sender and then opening a file or link included? If you remember that, you might pinpoint the exact moment that this malware got into your operating system. If you have no idea how this malicious software got in, you must scan your system. Do not wait to complete a full system scan because you want to make sure that there are no other threats besides BlackKnight2020 Ransomware that you need to remove from your computer. If other threats exist, you have to delete them too. When it comes to the screen-locker, the removal process is, of course, complicated because your screen is locked and because the infection can disable the Explorer and even hide the Task Manager to ensure that you cannot terminate malicious processes.BlackKnight2020 Ransomware Removal GuideBlackKnight2020 Ransomware screenshot
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Some victims of BlackKnight2020 Ransomware might not even think to jump right into the removal of the threat, and the misleading message represented via the “Your Computer has been locked!” window makes sure of that. According to this message, you must pay $100 either via ‘Perfect Money’ – which is an online payment system – or using Bitcoins. The first option entails sending money to the U24482992 account, and paying in Bitcoin is not possible without emailing first. Are you interested in sending a message to the attacker just to plead with them or threaten them? We do not recommend wasting your time, and we certainly do not recommend exposing yourself to the attackers. Paying the ransom, of course, is not recommended either. Even if no other option existed, we would not recommend wasting your money because there are no guarantees that that would help, and you also do not want to support cybercriminals. Luckily, you do not need to think about this further or take risks because of an unlock password that was discovered.

According to our researchers, if you enter BlackKnight2020 into a box that can be found within the window that BlackKnight2020 Ransomware launches, your screen should be unlocked, and then you should be free to delete the infection. If this solution does not work for you, our researchers suggest that you can reboot Windows into ‘Safe Mode’ and then delete malware files. Afterward, once you reboot back to normal mode, the screen-locker should no longer be active. While we are sure that some people will have little trouble deleting BlackKnight2020 Ransomware manually, we strongly advise implementing anti-malware software for two reasons. First of all, it can erase all malware components automatically. Second, it can fully secure the system, which you need to keep all other threats away.

Remove BlackKnight2020 Ransomware

  1. Enter BlackKnight2020 into the Unlock box in the infection’s window.
  2. Once your screen is unlocked, Delete all recently downloaded files.
  3. If you think that you have removed the threat, Empty Recycle Bin.
  4. Run a full system scan using a legitimate malware scanner to check for hidden leftovers.

In non-techie terms:

BlackKnight2020 Ransomware is meant to convince you that you cannot get back to using your computer normally until you contact cybercriminals and give them $100. Even if that was the only option you had, we would not recommend succumbing to the demands of cybercriminals. In the worst-case scenario, you can always reboot to Safe Mode and delete BlackKnight2020 Ransomware files. Hopefully, you can unlock your system quicker by entering a special unlock code, which you can find in the manual removal guide above. Do not worry if you cannot find and remove malware components yourself because that is a job that anti-malware software was created for. Install this software to clean and, most importantly, to secure your Windows operating system in the future.