Birbware Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Birbware Ransomware is?

Although Birbware Ransomware, according to our research, was not created by professionals, it certainly can encrypt files, and that is the greatest damage a file-encrypting infection can cause. Once it is done with the corruption of data, it can make all kinds of demands. In this case, the attackers are not asking for money, and, in fact, it is unlikely that there is anything a victim can do to recover their files. Though it might seem as if the attackers are leaving no option, the reality is that victims who have the “option” of paying the ransom are stuck in the exact same position. Our malware analysts have dealt with hundreds of ransomware threats, and their victims are almost never successful at recovering their files regardless of whether or not they pay the ransom. In the end, all of these threats must be deleted, which is why we focus on the removal of Birbware Ransomware in this report as well.

Our research team classifies Birbware Ransomware as a joke infection. Although it has the ability to encrypt files, it does not make any serious demands afterward. The “ransom note” is delivered via a window entitled “birbware,” and it asks to send “spicy memes on discord.” Discord is a free voice and text chat created specifically for gamers, and it appears that “nxf#3688” is the designated receiver. The ransom note does not make any promises, but it informs that the attacker might give the “encryption key” after the said memes are sent. According to our experts, it is possible to recover the decryption key by analyzing the code of the infection. In our case, “apaowjdsodiuj9(/)=(/14jlqksjd” was the key that decrypted files. Unfortunately, it is likely that the key is unique for every victim. If you are a little more experienced than the regular Windows user, you can try using a .NET disassembler to view the key. We cannot promise you anything, but it is worth looking into it before you remove the ransomware.

Birbware Ransomware does not function as a normal file-encryptor, but it can successfully corrupt files in most subfolders in the %USERPROFILE% directory. The threat encrypts every single file that exists, and the “.birbb” extension is attached to their names afterward. After encryption, the infection launches the window we already discussed, and it also downloads a strange file that is later on renamed to “birb.png” from This image depicts a scene from the well-known Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds.” If files are encrypted, you cannot save them even if you delete Birbware Ransomware. Before that, you might want to try to decrypt files, but be very careful about the keys you use. Our researchers warn that if you mistype the key or click the “Decrypt!” button before typing it in, you could have your files deleted or destroyed.Birbware Ransomware Removal GuideBirbware Ransomware screenshot
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If you have a friend who is an expert Windows user, ask them to help you decrypt files and delete Birbware Ransomware from your operating system. If you are not experienced, you should not attempt to fix all problems on your own. Of course, if the infection did not encrypt any important files, and you do not care about decryption, you still need to remove Birbware Ransomware. If you want to do that manually, be very careful when identifying malicious files. If you do not feel confident, install anti-malware software. Another reason to install it is to ensure thorough protection of the operating system in the future. You absolutely need this if you do not want to face ransomware in the future.

Remove Birbware Ransomware

  1. Tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open the Windows menu.
  2. Click Start Task Manager and then click the Processes tab.
  3. Look for malicious processes and find their files (right-click the process and click Open file location).
  4. End processes and Delete files to disable the ransomware.
  5. Replace the unwanted wallpaper image and Delete the file named birb.png.
  6. Empty Recycle Bin and then install a legitimate malware scanner.
  7. Perform a full system scan and delete the leftovers if they are found.

In non-techie terms:

If Birbware Ransomware invades the system, it can encrypt files. Although it does not function right beside that, it can cause damage to your files, and that is why it is so important to keep this malicious threat away. Its creators might use spam email and known security vulnerabilities to execute it successfully, which is why it is crucial that you yourself are cautious at all times. You also want the help of anti-malware software. Install it now, and you will not need to worry about the removal of Birbware Ransomware separately. Finally, we also recommend figuring out the best way to back up your files. If they are backed up externally or online, you will not need to fear the damage of another file-encrypting threat again.