The Biggest Credit Card Hack Scam Case: 40 Million Credit Cards Numbers Stolen

Are we witnessing an increase in hacker investigative forces to put more hackers in jail?

Many of you have heard about the 11 people that were indicted in the largest hacking case where they stole over 40 million credit card numbers. You may start to wonder if there was any progress made recently in cracking down on hackers. Do you think this will reduce the amount of people that perform these malicious acts because they now know they have a greater chance of getting caught? Previously we posted an article about how spammers were sentenced to prison for their actions. Does this mean now is the time that we start to see the criminals that hide behind computer screens finally get what is coming to them?

There is that old saying, "what goes around, comes around" and that is exactly what is starting to happen with hackers around the world that are purposely stealing. The hacker "crack-down" has gone worldwide as the 11 people that were indicted were from all corners of the world including, US, Estonia, China, Belarus and other countries. But that's only 11 less hackers sitting behind a computer monitor, surely the other hackers are going to continue on the same path of destruction, or will they?

Further examination of the 11 people who were indicted shows that these thieves were not computer geniuses, just individuals with basic knowledge of hacking into different systems in order to steal credit and debit card numbers. Identity Theft is still on the rise and this incident of the thieves getting caught should not put our minds at ease because that feeling is nothing but a false since of security.

We must remember that the world of hackers is stronger than ever and we must all stay abreast of the threats as they happen. We can all do our part by alerting the authorities of harmful or malicious activity whether it is our own personal bank accounts or a new harmful spyware infection. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has a website ( with links to areas that you can submit claims for Identity Theft or malicious actions. Don't you think every person can be a part of helping putting these criminals' behind bars?