BHO.CVX Removal Guide

Do you know what BHO.CVX is?

BHO.CVX is a browser helper object that pops up fake warning messages, hijacks your IE browser and redirects you to a predefined website. BHO.CVX may use your system's memory space to perform any action within Internet Explorer. BHO.CVX may come bundled with rogue video codec, shareware or other questionable downloadable software. So if you insist on using shareware, be aware that there is a possibility that you'll be exposed to unwanted malware.

Many popular anti-spyware programs will detect BHO.CVX as Packed.morphine.d and you may get the following message from your anti-spyware program: Threat detected! D3dpmesho.dll Virus identified as Packed.morphine.d.

BHO.CVX may prove difficult to remove because it has the ability to reappear after reboot.

In non-techie terms: Distributors of trojans conduct illicit installation methods to extort money from you. Be careful when you remove BHO.CVX because even some anti-spyware programs can have a hard time removing it. If the anti-spyware program that you're currently using is not able to remove BHO.CVX, try SmitFraudFix for free and let me know if it worked you. Post your experience with BHO.CVX or SmitFraudFix.

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  • Doug Woodall

    BHO's are evil, just plain evil.
    Great Article.